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Hundreds of billions of consumer upgrades tuyere, Internet bus opportunities where? – Sohu science and technology statistics, China’s middle class accounted for 11% of the country’s adult population, according to the absolute value of the world’s largest, up to 109 million people, China replaced the United States to become the world’s second richest country. China society is gradually forming a class situation, and the "middle class" has become the backbone of the driving force of economic and social development, they no longer meet the product physical properties and basic service consumption, put forward a higher level of demand for products and services, brand consumption and emotional value consumption gradually become the main demand the middle "consumption. Consumption upgrade is becoming the main driving force of China’s economic development in the next ten years. The era of consumer upgrades, it was said that this is a one hundred billion air outlet; then, the wind came, Internet companies should be how to fly? The Internet is connected to the bus and bus passengers of the Internet is making the world smaller, so that information sharing, "connect" has become the key of the development of the Internet and the transformation of traditional industries; "Internet +" is the transformation of traditional industries, the use of the Internet technology and the Internet thinking idea. The low efficiency of the traditional bus route planning industry, rigid and inflexible, for the majority of office workers, public transportation is an important traffic tool, they choose to travel the road congestion, experience discomfort is unacceptable and they have to accept that this is a widespread social pain point. The emergence of the Internet bus is connected to the bus and the people, on the one hand, the integration of idle resources under the line to provide their utilization efficiency. On the other hand, the vast collection of commuters, the connection between users and bus vehicles at both ends of resources, solve the information asymmetry between the two problems, the Internet as a bus information platform is a collection of similar requirements between users, will be connected to the line is not effective demand integration with customers, thus forming a closed loop supply. The Internet is the earliest bus layout of the new energy bus to pig more effective integration of the new energy vehicle operating resources, through the successful experience of two years of field bus to copy the Internet, improve the utilization rate of new energy car enterprises, create new energy bus eco League in the country, provide a richer and more sophisticated form of products the service for the user, provide the lowest cost decision line of products for users. The era of consumer upgrades do personalized consumer demand upgrades reflect changes of the core demands of consumers, 200 million of the middle and new people and mental standards but the wallet did not meet the pseudo middle class, their pursuit of quality, but also about the input-output ratio, they hope to minimize the investment to buy more products to meet individual needs, they pursuit mastide also hope that out of the ordinary. The Internet bus industry leader in pigs using precise algorithm for user initiated bus information data analysis, including user requirements for the travel and arrival of classified intelligence, further mining user demand, intelligent generation more in line with the needs of users more efficient line. Pig bus will raise the public line of the previous "user mode change with product" to "user.相关的主题文章:

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