Hundreds of tourists Chinese was black house in Korea is this truth! (video) windjview

Hundreds of tourists Chinese was "black house" in Korea is this truth! One hundred Chinese tour of Jeju Island was "black house" sleeping quilt no money to buy their own food in Beijing, on 9 October, according to media reports, the "eleven" period, there are Chinese tourists in Jeju Island was unable to provide the paper hotel orders were refused entry and detained, and in the number of tourists with Chinese machine "detained" more than 100. 8 pm local time, the Chinese Consulate General in Jeju to make a written response on the matter. According to the Xinhua News Agency reporter obtained a copy of that, according to international practice, the South Korean law enforcement departments have the right not to allow foreign tourists and refused to explain the reasons; it Chinese tourists blocked events, embassies and consulates will provide assistance in the area of responsibility as the case, is currently working with the local entry-exit management departments to communicate. Consulate General also reminded, as indeed have been unfairly treated, can collect and preserve the evidence, after complaints by or judicial settlement. Stranded, flight is due to shortage of recent media exposed the "detained" more than 100 Chinese, actually for a long time by the South Korean government refused entry stranded at the airport, rather than a one-time large-scale was detained. Xinhua News Agency reporters learned from the Consulate General in Jeju Island, since the strengthening of the local immigration review, including a number of Chinese tourists, including foreigners were blocked entry. The past has accumulated a day up to 70 tourists stranded China the people. "Eleven" during the increase in the number of people due to the economy, while stranded Chinese tourists exceeded 100 people, causing domestic media attention. It is understood that the refusal of tourists stranded at the airport for several days, one reason is from China and Jeju Island between the flight ticket is very tight. There are no space arrangement, most China tourists can only wait for a few days, then return flight aboard before returning to buy. For the unfair treatment Chinese tourists may have in Jinan, the Consulate General said the consulate has no right to interfere with the local administrative department of law enforcement, but will provide assistance in the area of responsibility as the case, has been with the local immigration department to communicate. At the same time Chinese remind visitors, as indeed have been unfairly treated, can collect and preserve the evidence, after complaints by or judicial settlement. South Korea has the right to refuse to release "in fact, as the case refused to foreign tourists immigration is the prevailing international power, is not unique to South korea. According to international practice, even if the tourist holds a valid visa or visa free countries (regions), the country’s entry and exit management department still has the right not to allow visitors to enter, and may refuse to explain the reasons. South Korea has also recently stepped up immigration management, which is an important reason for the increase in foreign tourists overdue detention. According to South Korean Ministry of justice data released in May, as of the end of last year, South Korea’s illegal residence has more than 210 thousand people, while the implementation of the visa system for foreign tourists in Jeju Island is the most serious problem. Jeju since 2002, the implementation of visa free policy, currently facing all countries and regions, except for the 11 countries designated by anti-terrorism, which led to the surge in the number of illegal aliens. In 2011, there were only 731 illegal residents in Jeju Island, and by 2014, the number soared to 1450. "Eleven Golden Week" period, the number of tourists to Korea China soared to Korea)相关的主题文章:

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