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UnCategorized While it may sound like science fiction, mind control does indeed exist and has been used for years in various forms. Mind control can range from conditioning, such as the famous Pavlov dog experiments, to key word suggestion, and hypnosis. Mind control does not involve using some kind of ray gun or device to forcibly control another’s thoughts. Instead mind control, our current understanding of it anyway, is planting ideas in another’s unconscious without them realizing the idea came from you. The uses for this are many, both for good and for evil. It is not my place to determine what is an acceptable use of mind control and what is not; I am merely giving you an overview of how it works. It is up to you to use your own moral judgment about what is right and wrong. Mind control has long been associated with powerful dictators such as Joseph Stalin and Kim Jong Il, as well as with religious activity such as the Heaven’s Gate cult. However, often much more mainstream groups employ covert mind control to get you to do what they want. Many of the major corporations around the world employ mind control in the form of advertising. Advertising has one goal, to get you to buy their products or services. As you are well aware, advertising varies greatly from one .pany to the next. Some ads seem to have little to nothing to do with the product, but that means it is ac.plishing its objective. The ad often has subliminal elements in it to promote the desired product. The ad could have actively increased your desire for that product while making you think it was your idea. And that is the fundamental nature of mind control. Hypnosis is one powerful method of achieving mind control. This is because when someone is hypnotized they are more open to suggestion. Their "mental filter" is turned off if you will. Now the scary (or perhaps most interesting) part is that hypnosis does not always involve someone waving a watch in front of you. You can be hypnotized and not ever know it. This depends upon your susceptibility and the skill of the person hypnotizing you. It is entirely possible, in fact even likely that you have been influenced by mind control at some point in your life. For most people this probably was merely buying a product that was marketed to you "subliminally" but books and courses are available which will teach you hypnotic mind control. What if one of your friends or family members, secretly bought one of these courses and has been using it on you? In addition many people use mind control without ever knowing they are using it. As an example: When you say to someone "don’t fall off the ladder" you are using mind control and really telling them, to fall off the ladder. You see the unconscious mind ignores negation (don’t, can’t, shouldn’t etc.). In other words, when you say don’t do something the unconscious mind ignore the don’t and really here DO! So be extremely careful with the words you use. As a final note, you should know that it is also possible to hypnotize yourself using what is known as autosuggestion. You could employ mind control techniques on yourself to help you break a bad habit, such as smoking, or to lose weight. When done by professionals such uses of hypnosis are also known as hypnotherapy and have be.e very popular as a treatment for people with disorders, depression, or stress. Hypnosis has also been used to do everything from implant false memories to hallucinations to memory loss. The power of hypnosis and mind control is truly amazing About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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