ICBC won the team title, job training

ICBC won the team title, job training in Wenzhou city in 2016 the enterprise post training skills contest contest Wenzhou banking fourteenth "Bank Cup" business skills competition was held recently in China bank Wenzhou Development Zone Branch building, the city’s agricultural development, engineering, agriculture, in construction and other 31 banks, 62 top skills together fierce competition. ICBC Wenzhou branch won the first prize. Contestant Dong Wenwen, Ye Qiongqiong swept the first and two personal comprehensive. This is the player since September following a show in a set of ICBC Zhejiang branch fifteenth business technology competition was the first in Zhejiang Province, input a financial system of Bank Securities and insurance comprehensive business technical contest won first prize honors such as manual project after good skills in. The city of Wenzhou in 2016 the enterprise post training skills contest (Banking Division) the competition organized by the Federation of trade unions of Wenzhou city human resources and Social Security Bureau, Wenzhou City, Wenzhou city banking association, Wenzhou Institute of trade union, Wenzhou city union workers technical collaboration office, Wenzhou city occupation skill identification center, China Bank of China Wenzhou Branch Co. The competition for computer input, manual counting, Chinese ‘three yuan. Past banking business skills competition only involves manual or computer class individual, competition will be set to the project, computer manual type into account, the Bank of Wenzhou industry top players comprehensive skills test. After the Wenzhou branch of the bank to take notice of the game, the players unite as one, work hard, full of enthusiasm for the style and level of competition, won the first prize for the team to make outstanding contributions. Wenzhou city in 2016 the enterprise post training skills contest to promote the Ouyue artisan spirit, skill walk the road to success "as the theme, organized landscape design, CNC lathe, banking business and other 42 skills contest project, aimed at innovative skills competition form content, improve the quality of skills contest in Wenzhou City, to provide a solid foundation for the construction of highly skilled personnel and service enterprise development. The ICBC Wenzhou branch in Wenzhou city in 2016 won the enterprise post training skills contest (Banking Division) group first prize, to cultivate the staff dedication, excellence "craftsman consciousness, to further improve the overall service quality of staff, will be of great significance. While the two winning players will also harvest the Wenzhou human IESS, Union City, municipal Party committee, Municipal Women’s Federation awarded the "Wenzhou technical experts", "Wenzhou city occupation skills leaders", "Wenzhou city youth post expert" and "Wenzhou City pacesetters" shining honor.相关的主题文章:

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