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In addition to the capital preservation fund 4 fund is safe and that most people do not understand the night is not easy, but want to prudent asset value, want happiness. In many types of funds, there is a class of funds that they are very safe and stable, that is the preservation fund. No cap, under the guarantee, investors love deeply. Unfortunately, this fund may be more and more scarce. The reason is: a few days ago, the Commission issued a "capital preservation fund guidance on the revised version, to the public for comments. The revised version, the main mention of the 6 requirements, the greatest impact on the capital preservation fund is to limit the size of the fund company issued the total size of the fund, the maximum can not exceed 5 times its net assets. You know, it was 30 times in 2010. Once the implementation of the new regulations, those companies will no longer be the size of the issue of new capital preservation fund, due to the preservation of the fund must be transformed into non guaranteed funds, otherwise only liquidation. In fact, the size of the requirements is to reduce the risk of reducing leverage, so as to truly achieve capital preservation. But don’t despair, good planning and management division to introduce several equally safe fund, very suitable for conservative people buy Monetary Fund: 1, needless to say, the IMF is in the lowest risk of all types of funds. But liquidity is good, very suitable for emergency funds to win bank savings and time and money in here you can relax. 2, pure debt fund this fund is characterized by only 100% of the purchase of bonds, do not buy any stock, so the risk is very low. Income, it is not bad, as long as the bond market is relatively stable, the annual yield of 10% can be expected. However, the need to pay attention to a little, some pure debt fund positions, there will be convertible bonds (a convertible bond is a bond), the fund short period of such positions which may be the stock, so the wave will be larger. If you seek a stable income, try to avoid such funds. 3, regularly open debt based on this type of fund, a good financial planner also want to say a few words, because it was always treated as an ordinary debt based. The so-called open on a regular basis, as the name implies is that such funds have a certain period of closure period, after the end of the closed period to open subscription and redemption. Closed cycle is usually 1-3 years, but also open a few months. However, to correct the misunderstanding, not all of the debt is based on pure debt type, there are two levels of debt based on the specific circumstances of the fund positions. But overall, although liquidity is not very good, but also because of the closed period, funds remain stable over a period of time, the liquidity redemption fund from the frequent Shen to bring disturbance, plus a fixed open debt based leverage than ordinary debt, fund managers can get more profit with longer duration. 4, grading fund A share to understand this, we must first say that the classification fund. Grading fund is an innovative fund, which is divided into low-risk and high-risk two types of shares by the fund assets to match the different risk preferences of the crowd. Here is the share of the risk of A share is low, only to get a good agreement in advance of fixed income, such as annualized 4%. If the fund rose well, 4% of the proceeds are to buy B share of the crowd. However, the same.相关的主题文章:

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