In China there are 240 million of the users of the network chess game or gambling

There are 240 million users in the network chess game or China: Gambling lead: since ancient times, the biggest winner is the dealer of gambling. In the chess game, the banker is the game platform, but also the biggest winner of this game gambling. In real life, the vast majority of cases are gambling chess tool, a game without the "money" of the key factors, so even entertainment will seem unpromising. In China, the official definition of "gambling game" is not a game category, but specifically for the purpose of gambling chess game. To the virtual world of the Internet, the chess game is suspected of gambling actually become ambiguous. In fact, at present in the domestic large and small chess game platform, every day, in the virtual currency to generate a huge amount of trading. One case: Crazy "game" in June 2016, Song Ming was charged with 3 million gambling units ". Not long ago, Song Ming 3 million, into the "every day in Dezhou". In the "Dezhou every day," 20 million will end, Song Ming lost a game of 2 billion game currency, equivalent to more than $14 in cash. In the song and Ming group of friends, less than 20 players claiming that a total of about $200 million in the game lost. In May 2016, after losing the last week static "daily Dezhou" after she woke up. Let her wake up is absolutely empty bank card account. For two years she accumulated in this game to recharge 5 million yuan in debt. In the weeks and the formation of the friends of the card named TX victim alliance WeChat group, more than 10 members of the readme lost a total of over $200 million. In January 2015, Wang Peng (a pseudonym) because of reselling betting gambling websites with function of game currency was sentenced. In 2011, Wang Peng contacted the "fellow man" Lee and Zhang, three people scrape together 100 thousand yuan to start to do business, to the network game player has the function of reselling betting gambling website game currency. Just over 3 years, the price of more than 200 million yuan to buy back the game currency of more than $four. April 2014, Wenzhou police reported a rare case of the country’s largest online gambling. 44 year old Yang main operation game456 chess platform. On the other end of the platform, the criminal gangs sell virtual currency through the site to provide chips for gamblers, but also through the site to recover virtual currency, in order to make a profit. The group’s daily profit of up to more than 100 yuan, the 22 suspects illegal profit of RMB 689 million yuan. In May 2016, the 31 year old did not think Gu afterburner, just opened 1 years or so, the chess game based Zhejiang flying five games platform, was again identified and shut down gambling. In the first instance verdict, gambling money involved amounted to 341 million yuan. Two, data: chess game users far more than the imagination in the past 20 years, the Internet was explosive development, people’s entertainment has undergone tremendous changes. Numerous online games have experienced ups and downs, and the game has been playing chess in the layout of the network to occupy the position of the eldest brother, when the market is the mainstream of the MOBA game or RPG users up to debate,.相关的主题文章:

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