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In the battle of the referee to determine the tragedy! He blew Chinese team record 1 wins and 5 Sri Lankan referee Parreira source: Sports + from the AFC news, 12 finals fourth round referee arrangements have been identified. The foot away game against Uzbekistan, by Sri Lankan referee Parreira Zhang Shao, two assistant referees are parias and palita. In addition, the Chinese referee Ma Ning will play the game against Iraq and Thailand. Sri Lanka Parreira and Chinese football has a source. He has officiated super team in the field AFC Champions League game, which in 2015 AFC Champions League Guoan group phase 1-0 victory over Suwon game by his palm whistle. In addition, the people of Sri Lanka also blew two Luneng AFC Champions League game, 2014 AFC Champions League group Sailu can away than 0 1 defeat buriram, 2015 AFC Champions League group phase at the end of the round 1-4 defeat away to the north, two games Luneng totally defeated, Parreira is Luneng victims. Parreira law enforcement team in the game, the Chinese team’s record is only 1 wins and 5 losses. In the beginning of this year, U23 Yaqingsai, Parreira also once with the Olympic Chinese. The Olympic team and Syria battle of life and death is Parreira law enforcement, in the game he had awarded Syria a penalty, and the Olympic goalkeeper sent off dujia. Parreira whistled the whole scale is relatively loose, 12 first round matches in Iran and Qatar, he was the main post, two West teams against the fierce competition, the scene is unusually hot, two player game in the process of repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the decision, and the situation appear siege. In addition to the 72 international matches Parreira law enforcement, he produced a total of 224 yellow cards, 6 red cards. The number of yellow cards which give the home team for 117, the number was 107; the 4 is given a red card, the visiting team is 2. At the same time he was awarded home a penalty is 9, the visiting team is only 4. This is not a bad news for a country away from home. But in the land of Xi’an, Kentucky Zhang Fuxing referee whistle, "double Fulinmen", the Orangemen still could not usher in a victory. The blacksmith needs its own hardware, from 12 rounds before the process, the national football competition in the basic law enforcement justice, facing west powerhouse, China should eliminate outside factors, do their own.相关的主题文章:

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