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India police response to protest tactics: catapult UAV with pepper pepper   – International – February 11th news according to the New Delhi electric Agence France-Presse, 10 days, 1 India police inspector Rao said, the northern part of the country’s police will use catapult chili powder and pellets, to deal with difficult to control the protests. India security forces atypical technique then the new tactics. Agence France-Presse reported near the capital of New Delhi province (Haryana) for which police used tear gas and water, the traditional batons are not satisfied, the future will switch to control the masses as the slingshot riot "non lethal" means. Which province Hisar (Hisar) district superintendent Rao (Anil Kumar Rao) told the Agence France-Presse: "it is much better than shoot rubber bullets, plastic bullets may cause serious injury." The local manufacturing Slingshot is the latest move by India security forces in India have atypical practices, all kinds of issues for daily launched protests, some protests soon got out of control. The northern city of Lucknow (Lucknow) police said they will introduce UAV spraying pepper, to control the protesters. (old) 印度警方应对示威新招:弹弓射辣椒 无人机洒胡椒–国际–人民网 人民网2月11日讯 据法新社新德里电, 10日,印度警方1名督察长拉奥表示,该国北部警察即将使用弹弓弹射辣椒粉和弹珠,来对付难控制的抗议民众。印度安全部队非典型手法再出新招。 法新社报导说,首都新德里附近哈雅纳省(Haryana)警察对于使用水柱、催泪瓦斯及传统警棍并不感到满意,未来将改用弹弓作为控制群众暴乱的“非致命”手段。 哈雅纳省希萨尔(Hisar)区督察长拉奥(Anil Kumar Rao)告诉法新社:“此外这比发射塑胶子弹好得多,塑胶子弹可能造成相当严重的伤势。” 当地制造的弹弓是印度安全部队采用非典型手法的最新一招,印度每天都有针对五花八门议题发起的抗议,有些抗议很快就失控。北部勒克瑙市(Lucknow)警方说,他们将引进无人机喷洒胡椒,以控制示威民众。(老任)相关的主题文章:

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