Interview with IMAX CEO Afanda and China jointly rescued entertainment tycoon

An interview with IMAX CEO: Afanda and China teamed up to rescue the entertainment mogul / Kang Road from New York Tencent in the United States figure financial reporter Kang Road and Mr Gelfond in 2009, "Afanda" to the global market once again enjoy Hollywood "storytelling" ability, also make is in the Spring Festival holiday in 2010 Chinese audience, explosive of the giant screen and 3D brings immersive visual shock. The booking office of the cinema, people want to buy IMAX IMAX screenings had long queues, cattle fare even pushed up to a $100. At that time, only 14 Chinese mainland IMAX screen. In September 27, 2016, IMAX global CEO Gelfond (Richard Gelfond) to accept the financial Tencent during an interview in New York, said today, Chinese IMAX theater has reached 350, and plans in the next 3-5 years in the new China IMAX cinema 400, "now the number of IMAX China screen has been flat and the United States, while the number of China IMAX screen next year will be more than the United states." When it comes to investment in the future of virtual reality (VR) theater program, Gelfond said in March 2017 before the establishment of 6 VR theater in the world, "we plan to which 1-2 will open in Chinese. China’s film market is undoubtedly a huge opportunity." But Mr Gelfond said at the same time, China partners has not yet been determined, is still in the negotiation process. With the rapid development of Chinese film, Chinese capital is stepping up into Hollywood, buying high-quality assets, but also caused some U.S. politicians worried. In September 15th, 16 American lawmakers have signed a letter to the U.S. Congress, called for the strengthening of the foreign investment review, the letter referred to Wanda Group’s acquisition of the legendary American films company, AMC cinema and Mike card (Carmike) cinema. In this regard, Mr Gelfond said in response, "this is just part of Congress worried. I don’t think Congress is going to get involved in China’s capital investment in Hollywood. Chinese companies have invested heavily in the world. The new funds will be conducive to the development of the industry." In September 27, 2016, Mr Gelfond by the United States Agency China Institute (Blue Cloud Awards awarded the Qingyun Award), in recognition of his achievements in Sino US cultural and commercial exchanges. Before the ceremony, Mr Gelfond told the Tencent finance interview, shared IMAX into Chinese process, and future trends in the global film industry views. Entertainment mogul and many other Hollywood entertainment mogul transition from financial practitioners experience, Mr Gelfond was born in the United States third circuit court lawyer, served after the investment bank Drexel Burnham. "The script of life is not to write too seriously, let nature take its course, and be sensitive to opportunities. You just need to see the best in the short run, grab it, and it will take you to the next step. No excessive planning." Mr Gelfond once told the media that said. While the development of the IMAX, seems to have verified with Mr Gelfond philosophy. IMAX was founded in 1967 by three Canadian filmmakers.相关的主题文章:

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