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Business Iron castings include grey iron castings, ductile iron castings and alloy iron castings according to the different material grades. The followings are some casting products from Dandong Foundry in China. 1. Axle support for tractors. The casting was produced by grey cast iron ASTM A48 class 35, e.g. GG25. This material grade has good tensile strength and wear resistance. We produced them by normal green sand casting process with resin sand cores to meet high requirements to the inside surfaces. 2. Cradle bracket for engineering trucks. Cradle brackets are important support for engineering trucks. The material is ductile iron ASTM A536 65-45-12, e.g. GGG40. As for the large bracket castings, we used resin sand casting process. As for the middle and small brackets, we used automatic molding line. Casting defects, especially shrinkage are very harmful for this product. So, rational gating system is necessary. 3. Brake drums for tractors. This brake drum is .paratively smaller than those used for trucks. This casting was used for tractors. The casting material is grey cast iron G25, e.g. O125. Uniform wall thickness is important for the dynamic balance, and suitable hardness is import for enlarging the working life. 4. Butterfly valve body for valves. We could use green sand and shell molding processes to produce various butterfly valve bodies. Green sand casting process is cheaper. Valve bodies could be painted by normal painting and baking finish painting. Normally the casting material is ductile iron GGG40 or GGG50. 5. Belt pulley for stone crushers. Large belt pulley should be produced by resin sand casting process to meet the requirements to the dimensional tolerance and casting defects. The material is nodular iron GGG40, e.g. EN-GJS-400-15. The shrinkage and sand holes on the groove positions should be unacceptable since they will be very harmful to belts. The production costs for belt pulley are higher than normal iron castings. 6. Collector tube for boilers. Collector tubes are important to large boilers. The casting material is a kind of alloy grey cast iron with some content of Cr and Ni alloy to resist the high working temperature. Thin wall thickness and large sand core are the key technical problems in the production. Moreover, sand blasting to the inside cores is also not easy. This article was from Dandong Foundry. For the whole article, please check Dandong Foundry Blog. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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