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Travel-and-Leisure Authentic Turkish cuisine is leaps and bounds ahead of the greasy kebabs that are sold abroad. If you find yourself staying at any one of the best Istanbul hotels you are in for a real gastronomic treat. Many of the citys most sensational restaurants will be right around the corner from you. Istanbuls Best Restaurants ZarifiThis culinary gem is very popular with the fashionable young Turks. Its extensive menu includes all of the classic meze and grilled meats and offers a bit of a twist by serving Greek dishes such as shrimp saganaki and octopus stew. The atmosphere within the restaurant is very lively with a mix of Turkish folk tunes and mainstream pop filling the air. Haci AbdullahThis restaurant often .es highly re.mended by locals working in any of the best Istanbul hotels. The main reason is that it allows visitors to gain a true understanding of traditional Ottoman fare. The inside is beautifully decorated and divided into three separate old-school dining rooms. Believe it or not, Haci Abdullah is most known for its pickles, which on the English menu are described as the symbols of pooped politicians. Hungry yet? RumeliA real work of art, this restaurant use to be a former print works. Exposed brick stone and stained floorboards create a decor and ambience. Locals and tourists alike flock to Rumeli to dig into the traditional Ottoman dishes. An extraordinary wine list and friendly staff await you upon your arrival. Lokanta MayaChef Didem Senol knew exactly what Istanbul was missing when she opened a casual neighbourhood bistro with a simple menu of contemporary Turkish cuisine. Newspapers and blogs have raved about the restaurant since its opening and locals just cant seem to get enough. So much so that Senol wrote the recipe for her mucver (zucchini fritters) on a mirror in the dining room so that customers would stop asking for it! Rumelihisari IskeleLocated directly on the Bosphorus in an Ottoman-era boat dock in the shadows of a medieval fortress, Rumelihisari Iskeles has a tremendously romantic atmosphere that locals and visitors love. The food has been termed reliably delicious and is perfect for those whose palate is not looking to discover new flavour .binations, but instead desires tried-and-true classics. Istanbul traditionalists frequent this restaurant because they know their culinary traditions are safe within Iskeles walls. Meals are spread out over several courses beginning with cold meze, followed by hot starters and working up to a seafood crescendo. The city is packed with restaurants, tiny eateries, cafes, and street vendors all serving up traditional Ottoman food. However, to ensure you are getting the best of the best, consult the concierge at any of the best Istanbul hotels and you are bound to be pointed in the right direction for the best Turkish food imaginable. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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