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Ivy Chen on the track to do flat support was awarded a bad demonstration (Figure) – China news network, Ivy Chen micro-blog screenshot. In new network on 1 September, according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud news, actor Ivy Chen sweet natural appearance, generous personality fan favorite. She usually loves sports, often on the Internet drying out running swimming photos, as usual, to share the beauty of the past to go out, but it is noteworthy that the sports event replaced the track, causing controversy. In August 31st Ivy Chen micro-blog said, although she could not decide filming locations, but want to exercise heart never for location and restrictions, looked down and found that the "track is her sports field". The photo of her, wearing a simple white T-shirt, black tights collocation, body down and hands to support on the side of the track, one foot on the other side of the tracks, slightly lift the other foot, so flat difficult supporting actions, let her call here "is a little pain!" After the photo exposure, although there are many fans praise Ivy Chen very much, but some netizens pointed out that her behavior is too dangerous, that may cause the star effect "people will imitate" shelling is a bad demonstration. But some people jumped out to escort her that is abandoned tracks, not only overgrown with weeds around, the above are also rusty, the use of the rails are usually bright, accidentally triggered controversy!相关的主题文章:

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