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Pets There are many pros for early jack russell training. Apart from being curious, young puppies are easier to train because they have not yet picked up undesirable habits that are difficult to break. But young puppies aren’t the only ones capable of learning. Grown dogs, even those from rescue centers are easy to train too so long as you know what strategy works and what are to be avoided. Before the training starts, or before you decide to rescue a dog for that matter, it would be a good idea to assess the potential one first. Though not all dogs in rescue centers are problematic, it is necessary that you’re certain that that particular breed suits you. Know that a high energy breed like the jack russell terrier needs more exercise than breeds such as dachshund and bichon frise so if you feel like you cannot provide the daily exercise requirement, better consider other dog breeds. Jack russell training must begin the moment your new pet arrives home. During his first few days at home, it helps to concentrate more on socialization and building trust. Introduce him to other pets and animals, things and people but don’t forget to do so slowly. The entire abandonment-adoption process can be overwhelming to some dogs hence he should be given time to learn and settle to the new atmosphere you brought him into. One great way to help him adapt easily is to make each encounter rewarding and enjoyable. Reward him with a yummy treat whenever he is introduced to people, animals and so forth. While you’re working to earn your pet’s trust as well as the pack leader rank, start working on the basic obedience. If your new pet is already trained by the previous owner, all that is required is polishing. Your pet must learn jack russell training commands such as sit, down, come and stay for they’re helpful in keeping him safe and controlled during various instances. Moreover, these commands also serve as foundation of various dog tricks such as shake, crawl and roll over along with other advanced lessons you would like your pet to master later on. Many dog owners are enjoying their dogs from rescue centers but there are still lots of homeless dogs needing someone to rescue them and give them the life they deserve. By providing what your new pet needs – high quality food, grooming, exercise and jack russell training – certainly you will not regret rescuing a jack russell terrier. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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