Japan’s self defense forces to actively play global influence there are six paths zhuxianduowan

The Japanese self defense forces to actively play the "global impact" has six paths in new network on 7 September, Japan Xinhua China press recently published an article that recently, Japan’s new female army head Inada Tomomi made his visit to the United states. She will set out on September 13th visit to the United States, met with U.S. Secretary of defense Carter. Since then, Inada Tomomi will go to the south of Sultan, for the SDF executive with new security law "to guard the new task to pave the way for the capitol. The new government took office three fire rice fields, it is clear that in order to effectively implement the Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo’s positive pacifism, so that the Japanese military forces to play a global influence". Article excerpts are as follows: the implementation of the new security law, reduce the SDF abroad threshold and restrictions; reform of defense mechanism, let the military attache…… Andouble step forward defense policy, destined to be "favorite female disciple" paddy fast climax, and the SDF overseas will become the norm. So, what path will become Japan’s self defense forces out of the overseas highway? PKO action. During the first Gulf War, the Japanese "to assist the United Nations peacekeeping activities act" (PKO act), to provide $13 billion in funding to the United States "cost, realizes the SDF abroad dream. Subsequently, Kampuchea, Mozambique, East Timor and the Golan Heights have appeared in the SDF figure. From February 2012 to date, Japan has participated in the southern Sultan peacekeeping operations of the SDF has 10 batches, the total number of more than 3000 people. Inada Tomomi recently in Djibouti, East Africa, said the SDF in South Sultan peacekeeping operations will not stop. It can be said that PKO has become Japan’s self defense forces will never expire, pass out". Rescue and disaster relief. November 2013, Philippines suffered super typhoon raid. Within three days, the Japanese have sent 1180 SDF personnel, three large warships, 8 large transport aircraft and 6 aircraft large helicopter, the composition of the history of the largest foreign rescue forces". In the future, Japan will still be in some countries to implement the so-called rescue relief action, to win a small partner, while self defense forces can also exercise the mobilization of overseas, response and deployment capabilities. Logistics supply. From December 2001 to January 2010, the Japanese self defense forces carried out oil activities in India for 8 years, dispatched a total of 7 batches of 14 naval ships, the cumulative supply ships of Britain and other 12 countries 900 times, about more than 500 million liters of fuel. In the future, with the signing of Japan and a number of countries to provide mutual agreement on the provision of goods and services, the SDF will be able to provide logistical support for more countries. In order to better provide logistical support, the Japanese Ministry of defense has applied for a budget to prepare for the introduction of a larger air tanker, to create a larger transport escort. And this, but also for the SDF to provide adequate protection overseas. Foreign intelligence network. At present, the Japanese government sent a diplomatic attache to 40 countries and 2 representative offices (Japan called "defence attache"). In the future, Japan is ready to build more embassies and consulates abroad, and to send more defense stationed in foreign institutions stationed in. These self defense forces are known as "uniformed diplomats", whose mission is to gather intelligence. Japan’s excuse against terrorism, is under construction相关的主题文章:

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