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Jia Ling: even a little thin, will feel the life be beautiful, people.com.cn entertainment channel, people.com.cn Beijing in September 30, health and fitness classes in "goodbye" net meat in October 5th on Youku online program, invited Ma Dong, Jacky Wu, Jia Ling, Kong Lian, Fang Jiayi, King Shun, and Britney Spears join natto. Now "goodbye" has recorded more than half of the meat, the stars for all sorts of "evil" program group also has something to say. Jacky Wu said that since the show video every moment to think about quitting. M not as media CEO, Ma Dong for "goodbye" and "meat group director, incapable of action", he joked: "I in this program is the artist, I don’t know all the links. I was so sorry that they signed me up for 6 months before they started!" In order to thin the several stars made a decision, Jacky Wu said, if failed to lose weight, within half a year to eat if he will be met by him to pay, Jia Ling smiled and said, with Lu Yu she most want to figure. In fact, the eight stars in the program to complete their weight loss plan is simply an impossible task. But the body weight is perhaps a kind of form, but by weight loss experience better yourself, is the "goodbye" is out of the ordinary meat. Ma Dong said to lose weight is the modern "desire", regardless of the fat people to lose weight. The program itself is designed to make the audience happy, but even if you can find a little bit of ourselves in the program, "goodbye" has reached the purpose of meat. Jia Ling also said that in the festival to participate in the current, and did not want to really lose weight, but the program recorded until now, she found that even just a little bit thinner, but also feel that life has become better. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章:

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