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Korean media: North Korea sanctions or involving nuclear agency and other more than 30 original title: Korean media: the Security Council sanctions or containing more than 30 objects involved in intelligence and nuclear agency [global network Roundup] according to Yonhap reported on 24 May, according to a number of unnamed sources said 24, the United Nations Security Council be responsible for foreign intelligence work of the Korean people’s army reconnaissance Bureau, responsible for the development of nuclear missile and atomic energy industry and the National Space Development Agency as the object of sanctions. The new North Korea Reconnaissance Office in February 2009, in January last year by the US State Department identified as behind SONY attacks mastermind, become the special object of sanctions of the United States, and the reconnaissance department for the first time would become a sanctions object. North Korea’s atomic energy industry and the National Space Development Agency were established in April 2013, the former Kim Jeong-eun regime proposed "economic construction and nuclear weapons parallel route" after the establishment of institutions, the latter is North Korea is responsible for the core organization of the nuclear and missile program. After the third nuclear test, the UN sanctions committee of North Korea has included the two bodies in the list of sanctions submitted to the sanctions committee. It is reported that the Security Council will soon pass the draft resolution on sanctions against North Korea, including more than 30 objects in the list of sanctions included in the sanctions list of 26 objects. It is reported that the Security Council sanctions will include participation in various illegal trade and financial companies in North korea. In the draft resolution on sanctions against the DPRK under the Security Council, in addition to stopping the supply of aviation fuel to the DPRK, it also includes limiting the supply of crude oil, prohibiting the importation of minerals such as coal and iron ore from North Korea, and prohibiting the Korea airlines flying through the airspace of the member States of the United nations. Editor in chief: Zhang Chun SN182

韩媒:安理会制裁朝鲜或涉核机构等30多个对象   原标题:韩媒:安理会对朝制裁或含30多个对象 涉情报与核机构   【环球网综合报道】据韩联社月24日报道,据多位不愿具名的消息人士24日透露,联合国安理会计划将负责对外情报工作的朝鲜人民军侦察总局、负责开发核与导弹的原子能工业省和国家宇宙开发局列为制裁对象。   朝鲜侦察总局新设于2009年2月,去年1月被美国国务院认定为索尼遭袭事件的背后操纵者,成为美方的特别制裁对象,而此次侦察总局将首次成为安理会的制裁对象。朝鲜原子能工业省以及国家宇宙开发局设于2013年4月,前者是金正恩政权提出“实行经济建设和核武并行路线”后成立的机构,后者则是朝鲜负责核与导弹计划的核心组织。朝鲜实施第三次核试验后,联合国所属的朝鲜制裁委员会专家组在向制裁委员会提交的制裁对象名单中曾包括了这两个机构。   据悉,安理会最快将于26日通过对朝制裁决议草案,制裁对象名单中包括了上述机构内在的30多个对象。据悉,安理会制裁对象中还会包括参与朝鲜各种非法行为的贸易和金融公司。在安理会正在酝酿的对朝制裁决议草案中,除了中断对朝供应航空燃油之外,还包括限制原油供应、禁止进口朝鲜的煤和铁矿石等矿物、禁止高丽航空经由联合国会员国领空等。 责任编辑:张淳 SN182相关的主题文章:

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