Latin American partnership in the context of Globalization China’s economic transformation to bring

Pull the global partnership in the context of economic change: China bring new opportunities in Latin America Beijing China News Agency, Tangshan, October 14 (Li Qian Liu Yuying Yang Mengjie) tenth China – Latin American Entrepreneur Summit 14 in Hebei Province, Tangshan City opening, first plenary meeting to discuss the global background China – Latin American partnership. The summit will focus on the development of China’s economic development into the new normal, Latin American countries in the context of economic growth slowdown in the new field of trade and investment in Latin America, a new model of business cooperation and the new content of the service provider. The opening of the first plenary meeting of the global context China – Latin American partnership: China and Latin American countries should make full use of both complementary advantages, vigorously develop the real economy. Chinese have equipment and technology at the Wumart, Latin American countries to enhance the infrastructure and industry, is currently in production cooperation opportunity pull. Alexander, vice president of national affairs of the Inter American Development Bank? Pamela? De Rosa as the plenary meetings of the host that Latin American economies are influenced by China, Chinese strategic policies to promote investment in Latin American countries. China’s savings amount is very large, Latin American countries in terms of savings has also been a huge increase in this new situation, the new framework, China – Latin America has great potential for cooperation and development. Uruguay’s Foreign Minister Jean Rudolf Nin noboa?? that the economy in Latin America and Chinese in recent years has experienced important changes in the economy, is the poverty population decline, more and more people join the ranks of the middle class. Chinese "13th Five-Year" plan of service industry, science and technology, network, information technology and consumption as a new engine of economic growth. There is no doubt that this will be a huge boost to China’s economic technology. Over the next five years, these changes in China’s economy will bring tremendous opportunities for development. Vice president of China Communications Construction Co grandson parity, Latin America is the distance Chinese farthest from the mainland, but the most abundant, Latin American and the group cooperation is the content of the most complete varieties, the most closely related, the group entered the Latin American 30 years. Only in the past seven years, the group in Argentina has successfully established in the Expo park. Today, more than 5000 vehicles of various gauge, a variety of models, all kinds of products in Argentina Zhongche Benz pampas. Deputy Minister of the Brazil Department of budget and management planning, Jorge said China arbache?, the change is very complex, but also because of China change, they now see great changes have happened in the global arena, innovation will play an increasingly important role in product trade, they can not rely on light to reduce costs, in order to benefit from this change if they want to work together and Chinese enterprises and Chinese bank, with their favorable conditions, to create more of the fruits of cooperation, he believes that the prospects are very broad. (end)相关的主题文章:

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