Listed companies also rely on direct broadcast 8 months to make money to make money nearly $200 mill

Listed companies also rely on live money Live 8 months cash of nearly 200 million and 9 Sept. 22, the listed companies of Kunlun wanwei announcement on the evening of 21, a wholly owned subsidiary of c.quinoa win exhibition intends to hold Beijing honey Hollywood network technology Limited (hereinafter called honey Hollywood transfer to Jiaxing) 3% stake in optical signal the guest is the honey, Ying Hollywood’s products. It is understood that the world wide web in Kunlun in January 2016 to participate in the customer’s A+ round of financing, investment 68 million yuan, accounting for the share of the year, when the customer valuation of $378 million yuan. The company will be fully transferred to the 18% subsidiary of Chenopodium win exhibition. Later, after several rounds of financing reflects the guest, Chenopodium dilution to 13.23% win exhibition. The 3% stake in the transfer price of $210 million transaction. According to the calculation, just 8 months time, reflecting the current valuation has risen to $7 billion, while the Kunlun world wide cash 195 million yuan.   one thing to mention, the investment has been reflected in the purple Hui venture also invested in the rest of the live broadcast companies: diaphragm live and unfamiliar street. Listed companies? Game company? Is an investment company! Do the game started, the development of a number of well-known hand travel products in the industry, the world wide web in Kunlun is no longer rigidly adhere to the game is just a successful listed companies". January 21, 2015, the world wide web in Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed on the gem. It seems that from the moment of listing, the world wide web in Kunlun quietly turned into an investment company. From the listing so far, the world wide web in Kunlun has more than 4 billion yuan in the layout of the investment, many of which Unicorn enterprise. The following investment community sorted out as of September, Kunlun world wide investment layout. From the graph, the world wide web in Kunlun invested 24 companies, including A round of the project, the B round of the project 10, 6 financial enterprises, social networking companies in the 3, the 2 local business life. It can be judged that the majority of the world wide web in Kunlun is focused on the project of partial maturity. It is also worth noting that the 6 financial enterprises in 5 all in 2015 to obtain financing; 3 social enterprises, plus they belong to the field of culture, culture and entertainment, which is 4 of all investment in 2016. As can be seen, the investment direction of world wide Kunlun from 2015 to 2016 to focus attention to the financial field of culture and entertainment, cultural entertainment and 2016 is outbreak period, the area of Kunlun is the world wide web layout, accurate judgment of the situation. In the game, in addition to the investment of a game company, the Kunlun World Wide Web also successfully get a lot of top IP resources, such as angry birds. Spend so much money to invest, Zhou Yahui’s World Wide Web in Kunlun and there is no performance loss situation. It is understood that the company’s annual net profit growth of more than 20%. 2015 net profit of 405 million yuan, an increase of 24.14%, total assets growth of 165.11%, the scale reached $3 billion 890 million. 2016 first half net profit of 244 million yuan, an increase of 25.22%. Listed companies rely on live to make money? In addition to the Kunlun world wide in the layout straight?相关的主题文章:

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