Lol five anniversary event EDG, Im and RNG into S6 webquest

LOL five anniversary events: EDG, IM and RNG into the S6 [Abstract] "hero alliance" five anniversary celebration, EDD Corps first zero seal RNG LPL summer 2016 won the championship, then Snake team failed to qualify for the 11 hours, but the Asian star exhibition game player and let the fans enthusiasm, two stars it is the harvest of laughter. EDG RNG won the 2016LPL zero closure summer Championship 2016 EDG team has many strong? The 2016 Summer Games to victory reached the championship game in division RNG, 3:0 beat RNG teams in LPL history to record their 100% winning blue invincible! This moment EDG team stood on the stage, the proud won the championship trophy, has become the focus of the most shining the spotlight! The prediction before the media are mostly 55 or 46, but EDG with a delicate operation will be smooth and clean RNG zero closure and won the LPL championship in summer, in addition to the absolute strength, to control the details of training dull as ditch water can not be ignored. For this B05, line circle commentary and well-known media people have the Bo comments and send comments on the eve of world cup. As micro-blog says, "curly EDG clan hero pool deeper and more difficult for BP to do good, according to RNG BAN, the mother road wheels apocalypse. Hope EDG and RNG refueling together!" Review EDG vs RNG three games, EDG for tactical research and execution is very strong. Take the first game, card + toad global flow lineup, so that EDG can always focus on the first time, even if the captain can do not hurt before the first. Rock sparrow + the debut of the EDG is based on the version of the understanding of the use of tactics, the effectiveness of these two heroes in the arena is also the perfect embodiment. Put aside the eye view, EDG team Gank a higher success rate, to support choice walk faster, a small battle group. Overall, the EDD team is fully prepared for the Champions League, and RNG’s solid protection of the puppy also allows them to see the drawbacks. I believe that after the championship game, RNG can sum up and correct their deficiencies and backwardness in the world arena to play the strongest strength! The final battle 11 hours Snake King tribute unyielding saw yesterday’s 2016 League China district after the trials, I believe many of the audience to the Snake clan road to fly. The afternoon and the VG team played five innings in two after three, let the case with the WE team played five innings, the game after 11 hours, every game of Snake to challenge their physical limits, each match is admirable! E-sports is cruel, ultimately failed to beat Snake WE in the match point in the Bureau, in the absence of the stadium audience feel dejected unwittingly…… Snake lost the game to win the hearts of the people! In the presence of millions of people, injured Bryan crystal, persistent longiculnis brother, carries the dream of Sofm and Tank in silence to pay, every one is ultimate warrior. Gaming celebrities.相关的主题文章:

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