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Travel-and-Leisure With Valentines Day nearly upon us its fair to say love and romance are in the air. So whether you want to treat your loved one to a wonderful romantic getaway, or perhaps youll shortly be planning your honeymoon (Valentines Day is the most popular time of the year to propose!), here are some of the most romantic destinations in the world! Either way, make your love known to the whole world! The home of Casanova, just a couple of hours away is the beautiful, most romantic chocolate box city in the World: Venice. Italians are renowned for love and this city is at the heart of romance. Fall in love again on a gondola ride through the city. And with its tiny, winding, cobbled streets, amazing architecture, famous landmarks and candlelight restaurants lining the Grand Canal there is no other place like it in the world! The worlds best beaches, yes, the Maldives can boast easily on this one. Spending a week or two on one of the Maldivess islands theres nothing to do but relax and enjoy each other. Take a romantic stroll on the beach; dine with the sand in-between your toes. And dont forget the world class diving, this can be romantic too, discovering a myriad of tropical fish in the sanctuary of being leagues underneath the sea. If romantic, sun kissed beaches are your bag, but you fancy somewhere a little different than the perhaps predicable Maldives, head for Bora Bora. With its choice of 118 islands theres plenty of choice, and it has a haven of romantic hidden coves and quiet beaches to enjoy. Oh la, la, Paris its one of the most romantic cities in the World. Whats more, its easy to get to and can be enjoyed for a couple of days or a couple of weeks. Taking a trip up the Eiffle Tower with a loved one is a magical experience every couple should enjoy! , along with the citys stunning architecture and history – some of which .e with a romantic twist in their tales. As the home of Roman Politian and General, Mark Anthony and his lover, Cleopatra, its hard not to feel loved in the magnificent Italian city of Rome. With its mix of awe-inspiring history, architecture and romantic street cafes and lavish restaurants, theres nothing more romantic than a stroll through the city at night! Start spreading the news about your love in New York City, just like Frank! And what could be more romantic than a horse and carriage around New Yorks Central Park? The city that never sleeps means you have the pick of things to do. Perhaps one of the most romantic dinners in the world is a table in the Rockefeller Centres Rainbow Rooms Restaurant, overlooking the city at night; here a romantic table for two with your loved one will have you feeling like you have struck gold at the end of the rainbow for sure! Get in touch with your wild side and experience together a safari in Kenya. The thrill of spotting the animals across the plains brings you together in utter excitement and in the evening reveal in what youve seen in the day. Its a different type of romance but romance all the same! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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