Madhu Pandit Dasa Chairman Of Akshayapatra Speaks To Media-actv

News-and-Society What makes this temple different from other temples? MadhuPandit Dasa: The Vedanta sutra states, ahato brahma jijnasa. This means that the most important activity for a soul, in the human form, is to enquire about spiritual life, brahma jijnasa. Every civilized society must provide for this to take place. In the advanced Vedic society, ample attention was given to cater to the spiritual aspects of life. With time, society has become practically ignorant of this need. And spirituality has come to the level of just blind rituals and sentiments. The ISKCON temple provides much more for the soul than those rituals. ISKCON temples are centers of spiritual learning through Godly association, centers where a visitor is inspired to learn about spiritual life. One can receive practical guidance in his spiritual life from those who are already on the path of spiritual advancement. Although the senses of the visitors may be bogged down by absorption in material endeavor, they can be purified and enlivened by coming in touch with the Supreme Lord in various ways and experience happiness. This temple provides such transcendental experiences as seeing the beautiful form of the Lord, participation in hearing and singing His qualities and pastimes, tasting nectarean prasadam and engaging in serving the Lord in various ways. Thus, step-by-step, they will realize the reality of their own spiritual identity and learn to cater to its needs. Akshaya Patra started feeding the underprivileged children in June 2000. It started as a pilot project in five schools in Bangalore feeding 1500 children. Now, has grown into a mammoth endeavor reaching out to 1,186,206 children in 18 locations across eight states. More Details Visit: Akshaya patra : About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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