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Report of Massachusetts: 600 million watts of energy storage can save $8 – Sohu [Technews] with the new technology of science and technology of energy storage technology has been developing, the industry and governments to discuss energy storage units can not only stabilize the power supply and demand, but also has the whole power system for cost saving potential, but has not been previously estimated with the case. In September 2016, Massachusetts issued a "energy state" (State of Charge) research report, estimated Massachusetts if installed in 2025 600 million watts (megawatt) energy storage capacity, will be available for the Massachusetts taxpayers save up to $800 million. In August 2016, the Massachusetts governor signed the State Council approved the bill required by the Ministry of energy and resources in Massachusetts, if necessary, to set the Massachusetts energy storage in 2020 development goals, if Ma set storage target, will become California and Oregon after the third set storage target state. Massachusetts Department of energy resources for the energy storage state research report. The main goal is to provide energy storage resources in the grid strain peak, so the energy goals are set to a certain proportion of the peak load, in California, the 2% target set for peak load, Oregon target is 1%. 600 million watts about Massachusetts peak load of 5%. Discussion on the state of energy storage, from a very simple idea: all the needed items, almost all security reserves, including food, water, gasoline, fuel, gas, the average daily demand will reserve 10%, power is not as it should be? But in the United States, only 1% of electricity storage capacity. The power system must be prepared to start in many time to peak tip load power source, the power generation equipment in only a few peak time enabled, other time a large number of idle, leading to the relative cost of power generation increased, reflected in the cost of power structure, in 2013 and 2015, the peak time of 10% electricity, has accounted for 40% of the electricity the total amount of spending more than $3 billion. To add insult to injury, the new England power grid operator ISO-NE predicted peak demand for electricity consumption will increase by 1.5%. Energy storage can save money and make money if the peak power can be transferred to the peak, the entire power system will obviously save considerable cost of electricity generation. But it’s not just the cost of electricity, but also the infrastructure and maintenance costs of the distribution network. Transmission and distribution network must be able to load peak load, otherwise it will jump, but most of the time, with no electricity to the maximum peak load, which represents many of the energy distribution in the idle, increases the overall cost of electricity. Energy storage to reduce peak load, can save a lot of infrastructure cost of transmission and distribution network. After the establishment of energy storage, in addition to the cost, but also provide ancillary services grid stable supply and demand, and make the grid can be more easily combined with renewable energy, the benefits of adding "energy state" of newspaper相关的主题文章:

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