NetEase intends to spin off the news business through the sale of IPO or $300 million financing diamondprox

NetEase intends to spin off or sell the news business through IPO financing $300 million Sina Francisco September 13th evening news, Bloomberg today quoted informed sources said the NetEase plans to spin through the news business financing of about $300 million, will focus on core business of online games. The source said that the form of financing may be carried out in the United States IPO (initial public offering), but may also direct the sale of news services. The spin is still in the planning stage, NetEase is seeking to negotiate with potential buyers. In July this year, NetEase page access (PV) more than 10 billion 300 million times, following the Tencent network after China’s top second online destinations. Since the beginning of the year, NetEase shares rose 27%, which rose by 8% on Monday. As a result of reading to mobile devices, NetEase is also in the interest of smart phone users to provide content, so as to get more advertising revenue. But like other competitors, NetEase also faces many challenges. In contrast, online games has always been the core business of NetEase. In the second quarter of this year, $1 billion 400 million in revenue, about 34 from online games. Based on revenue, NetEase online game market share of about 12%. Currently, the U.S. technology IPO market is in the doldrums since the Great Depression of the year. So far, the largest technology IPO for the Japanese news application Line IPO, financing $1 billion 300 million. Due to concerns about lower valuations, some companies have delayed IPO. (Li Ming)相关的主题文章:

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