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Every step excellent new energy cooperation and action: the car quickly cited twenty thousand new energy vehicles – Beijing, Beijing, Hangzhou, September 12, September 12th (Zhao Xiaoyan), a joint optimization step and China drops car quickly signed a strategic cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, the fast will continue to put 20 thousand new energy vehicles operating on the merits of the excellent step platform, and the first landing in Zhejiang. The two sides will also achieve strategic cooperation in government vehicles, mobile experience, etc.. Bit better step, said in response to the national green energy development and emission reduction call, the future will vigorously promote the development and operation of new energy electric vehicles on the platform. Didi said, Didi ride, carpooling and other shared travel mode provides a feasible solution for the transportation of energy saving and emission reduction, the future will increase the new energy vehicles operating way continue to play drops of green value. Currently, the number of new energy vehicles registered on the platform has more than 90 thousand, of which more than 10 thousand new energy registered in Zhejiang, is expected in the next year on the platform of electric vehicles will reach 1 million. Data show that as of 2015, Zhejiang motor vehicle ownership 16 million 40 thousand, of which the number of car ownership of 11 million 220 thousand, new cars, an increase of 10.7%. In the increasingly stringent emission standards and the demand for the double attack, Zhejiang province to vigorously promote the development of new energy automotive industry and new energy vehicles daily popularization. The idea that, with respect to the average household, new energy vehicles in the environmental protection of the superior value of the operation of the drip step platform higher. In simple terms, a new energy vehicles in a platform on the mileage is 4-5 times the family car, can solve the original may through the 4-5 car fuel car travel demand, thereby reducing energy consumption and pollutant emissions of traffic to the greatest extent. Bits and pieces of estimates, last year, China’s 1 million drops per day car trips, thereby greatly reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide pollutants. If the new energy vehicles to reduce carbon dioxide emissions included, drops in the contribution of greater environmental protection. Didi side said that the purpose of strategic cooperation with the fast car is to further promote the development of new energy vehicles operating on the platform, and continue to play its energy saving environmental protection value. According to the cooperation agreement, a car will be on the 20 thousand new energy electric vehicles operating in China drops and excellent step on the platform, and the first in Hangzhou to build 500 charging pile to provide charging services for the owners, the future of the two sides will put the construction of 5000 pieces of the station, and reached a cooperation in the field of government vehicles, mobile experience etc.. In fact, drops and excellent step in China to promote the popularization and application of new energy vehicles in Zhejiang has a unique infrastructure advantages. In July this year, Zhejiang province development and Reform Commission published the "Zhejiang province electric vehicle charging infrastructure" 13th Five-Year "development plan" (later referred to as the "plan"), which proposed that by 2020, Hangzhou will be built a special charging station not less than 110, decentralized charging pile of not less than 63000. It can be predicted that with the improvement of infrastructure construction of new energy vehicles, the future will be in the future相关的主题文章:

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