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New energy cheat up the biggest ticket settled Jinlong car was still behind the "cheat fill ticket landing bad, step on mine institutions reached 68 more. According to fund two quarterly data show that a total of 63 funds, including 3 insurance, 1 brokerages, 1 trust, a total of 68 institutions on the Thunder Dragon car, holding a total of 63 million 559 thousand and 600 shares, the total share capital of 10.48%, accounting for 14.36% of shares. New energy vehicle fraud investigation to fill the biggest ticket dust settled. The evening of October 12th, Jinlong automobile (600686.SH) announcement, said the subsidiary of United Automotive Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Suzhou Jinlong) received the Ministry of Finance issued the "Ministry of finance administrative penalty matters notice", the Ministry of Finance said Suzhou Jin Longshen reported in 2015 the central government subsidies for new energy vehicles, 1683 the car has not yet completed by the end of 2015, but early in 2015 for a motor vehicle driving license, do not meet the reporting conditions, involving subsidies 519 million yuan. The punishment results show the Ministry of finance will recover 519 million yuan, and according to the amount of irregularities 50% fined 259 million yuan, while in 2016 the company canceled the central financial subsidy eligibility, when the recovery will depend on the rectification, and in accordance with the procedure of re examination and approval. Golden Dragon car holds a 75% stake in the holding subsidiary of Xiamen Golden Dragon United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd., Suzhou dragon holds a 60% stake. And had also checked that cheat up western resources (600139.SH), western resources for the twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said it will appeal, but Jinlong automobile’s attitude is to recognize the penalty: "after careful consideration, Suzhou Jinlong Company intends to give up the statements and arguments and the right to request the hearing, Suzhou Jinlong company will actively cooperate with relevant departments for rectification, to restore the central financial subsidy eligibility as soon as possible." October 13th the same day, in twenty-first Century the economic news reporter on the matter repeatedly call Jinlong car secretaries do not answer the phone. But in the face of such a big bad, Jinlong automobile all still has been optimistic about behind its CICC, in CICC in 13 days of the date of release of the latest research report, the difficult time has passed, and called for radical investors can start layout. In October 13th, Jinlong automobile shares closed at 11.86 yuan, down 0.08%. 259 million make the penalty punishment is based on the special inspection from February 2016 to March, the Ministry of Finance organized inspection team to carry out the Suzhou Jinlong Company from 2013 to 2015 the application of new energy vehicles subsidy funds management and use of. But this, said Jinlong car did not intentionally cheat up but subsidiary bias, appear to understand and execute the new energy subsidy policy at the same time, the Ministry of Finance for grant funds and related fines will directly reduce the Jinlong car in 2016 net profit attributable to the parent company 315 million yuan, will have a greater impact on the operating results of the company in 2016. Obviously, this is a huge blow to Jinlong car. Golden Dragon 2016 semi annual report data show that its operating income was 11 billion 79 million yuan, an increase of 7.71%, attributable.相关的主题文章:

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