New Ways To Overcome The Barriers To Spiritual Enlightenment!

Book-Marketing Gaining true spiritual enlightenment has long been thought of as a lengthy and difficult process. A new technology of consciousness is radically changing all of this and making it easier than ever before to have a genuine spiritual awakening that never goes away. This new technology is called Human Software Engineering or HSE. HSE is an emerging new field that provides the tools and shows you exactly how to debug and upgrade your inner human software so you can have the life you want. It turns out that the barriers to gaining and maintaining spiritual enlightenment are simply a matter of finding and fixing the bugs in your inner human software that have been getting in the way. This is not a superficial development. In fact it is a major set of breakthroughs for the field of spiritual development. Why it is that people have struggled so much to have genuine spiritual experiences? HSE has discovered that it is simply from having bugs in your inner human software. What if there were new tools that could help you to debug and upgrade your inner human software so that you can have a spiritual awakening in a fraction of the time that it has taken before? Well, now with HSE thats a reality. The reasons for the difficulties of the past are very simple people have been using the wrong tools. Its as if they have been trying to dig the Panama Canal with their bare hands. No wonder most people have given up long before they have an awakening and those who have preserved have often felt frustration with the slow progress even if they have been able to maintain their dedication to the task. In fact some people have become so identified with the idea that spiritual development is long and difficult that they wont even So the solution to this problem is to have a new tool set. Tolle is completely right that the barriers to enlightenment are the pain body and the ego. So what if there were new efficient ways of resolving both? Now with HSE there are. In HSE we have discovered that the things that make up the pain body and the ego are two databases of not-useful emotions. The pain body is comprised of a database of incomplete experiences of our emotional reactions to traumatic or emotionally painful events. We accumulate these because we are deeply conditioned from the time that we are quite young to run away from emotional pain because we are afraid of being overwhelmed by it. What is needed is more penetrating insight into the real nature and structure of the energy fields of these stored traumatic experiences held in the body. HSE provides that. It turns out that the body is creating these intense energy fields because there is a kind of experiential wisdom that the body wants you to get by completing the incomplete experience that is being held there. So the other thing that is needed is to understand how to do this efficiently. Feeling the entire field of the energy, which is the normal guideline for this, is not efficient at all. It takes a long, long time to complete the experience when you do it that way. Thats not the right tool. It turns out that there is a kind of secret passage way down into the energy field that allows you to capture the essence of experiential wisdom that the body is trying to bring to you so that you can complete the experience in moments instead of months or years or life-times. Regarding learning how to extract yourself from the stories that make up the ego HSE has discovered that each of these stories is held in place because you have become identified with the story. That means that the story seems real to you. There is a mechanism that causes you to be locked inside of the story and that makes it seem so real. That mechanism is that every story to which you are attached has an energy field to it. These energy fields are quite different than the ones that create the pain body. These are like clouds of energy that surround and engulf you. What is needed is a new way to extract yourself from these energy fields. It doesnt happen by thinking about it or just trying to stop thinking it. Thats a bit like sitting in front of your computer that has a computer virus on it trying to get the virus off of the computer by understanding it or by willing it away. Try it! It doesnt work. You have the run the anti-virus software. What does that do? It removes the tiny impulses of electro-magnetic energy that keep the virus on your hard drive. What if there was anti-virus software for removing the energy fields that hold your identifications in place? Wow! What a concept! Anti-virus software for the inner human software of human beings! Well, HSE has that. Weve discovered exactly what the mechanisms are that hold the energy fields of identifications in place and exactly how to run the anti-virus software and escape from the invisible prison cells of your identifications. Best of all these new technologies are easy and simple to learn and do. Would you like to know how? Two of the techniques are called CORE and SEE. I explain exactly how to do them in my eBook entitled Live the Continuous Experience of Wholeness thats available for the grand sum of $.99 through Amazon. Ive made it inexpensive because I dont want money to be a reason to not have access to this precious new knowledge. I could easily sell these eBooks for a lot more. But I want it to be a complete no brainer to get and read this book. Heres the link Live the Continuous Experience of Wholeness eBook Kindle Edition. Dont have a Kindle? No problem. There are Kindle Readers for all popular computers, smart phones, iPads, etc. at no cost here Kindle Readers. So the good news is that there are amazing new tools to facilitate a much more rapid and genuine spiritual awakening than ever before. The not so good news (but it isnt really bad news) is that you have a backlog and theres some deep Spring cleaning that needs to be done. But it doesnt take long. And each time to resolve an emotional pain that has been creating part of your pain body and each time you extract yourself from the energy field of one of the stories that has been creating the illusion that we call the ego, each time you do this theres more of the real you available. Now you have more presence and awareness to bring to the next ones. Once you learn how to do this it only takes minutes (sometimes even less) to resolve one of these not-useful emotional energy fields. And even though it is easy to learn and use these wonderful new techniques, it continues to get easier and easier as you go. Now thats very good news! By the way, there are some incredible perks for learning and using these techniques. You stop suffering for one thing. You become emotionally competent even emotionally masterful for another. You never have to be the victim of your emotions every again. You start to live the life you have always wanted. And with just a little dedication youll be living the continuous experience of wholeness in a fraction of the time it would take you with any other approach. People are reporting that it is only taking a matter of months before there simply arent any remaining barriers to living in wholeness all the time. For all of $.99 why not check it out? Heres the link again Live the Continuous Experience of Wholeness eBook Kindle Edition. Live the Continuous Experience of Wholeness eBook at Smashwords. Or click on the book image. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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