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The messenger and the use of weapons should not be troubled public security in October 27th, a Guangdong Dongguan Changan town shot ring road section usha "bang", a 25 year old man Huang Wulin fell dead. In November 1st, Huang Wulin was shooting guards has been in the past 5 days, the remains of an autopsy in Dongguan. The family of the deceased, there are a number of witnesses that armored car scraped into the walking on the road of Huang Wulin, but not to stay, no apology, cause yellow after armored car hit martial arts. (Jiangxi, China Network November 2nd) in recent years, involving the security of the notes is not the same. 2007 Shenyang escort bank shot in Heilongjiang in 2010 and Qitaihe depositors, shooting the messenger passers-by, 2014 Guangzhou and the messenger for gun fire killed…… Public reports of the accident, although not much, but as long as there is an accident, it threatens the safety of life, and therefore must be given absolute attention to such incidents. In the case of Guangdong, obviously, the attitude of public opinion. A representative of the view that the smashed armored car was killed, "boomerang". This understanding itself reflects the cognitive gap of some people in the special industry. And that, as a special industry practitioners, and the messenger has no enforcement powers, even if the law gives the shot in the special case of power, does not mean that the public can only choose "escape" or "untouchables". Creditors have a special power, but should accept the corresponding strict constraints. According to the people’s Bank of Chinese, Ministry of Public Security jointly issued "on the bank Shou library, escorts the use of weapons in the line of duty provisions" four kinds of situations, escort personnel can use weapons that are non shooting can not stop the limit. But from the aforementioned Guangdong and Heilongjiang, two from the loan officer shot incident, someone involved in the prosecution are contrary to the terms of this restriction, and afterwards have been investigated for the corresponding criminal responsibility. In this regard, the lack of professional qualifications and the use of weapons may be used in the management of the norm may be lost, or not public considerations. Disclosure of information from the current perspective, in the face of the messenger and smashed cars, shot and non shooting can not stop the situation has obvious discrepancy. This detail is also the key to event investigation, qualitative, accountable. The causes about the case, widely circulated multiple versions. The family of the deceased through investigation, said the deceased was securicar rub, but the guards did not apologize, led to extreme events. This statement has not been confirmed for the treatment of similar emergencies, but it is not a practical problem can not be ignored. If you really encounter this kind of sudden situation, how to deal with the right way should have a clear standard. Of course, the car is different from the general public vehicles, but does not mean that can not be isolated from the social ecology, but can not be mysterious. Armored car, and the messenger to deal with potential risks and accidents, which can guarantee escort safety and ensure the safety of the public. Not only do the public need to know that they should keep the "distance" from the car, but they should know what is appropriate and safe". For example, the creditors encountered personal nature of the dispute, whether the right to use weapons? In modern society, the sense of security comes from the clear concept of power and rule consciousness.相关的主题文章:

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