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Old Air MBP can reach 4400 yuan! Microsoft asked you to change – Sohu digital   Microsoft officially released this week, Surface , Book and Surface  Studio new products, in order to quickly attract popular Microsoft began to enlarge the recruit. According to foreign media reports, there are Twitter users on Ina  Fried claimed that Microsoft launched trade activities. Microsoft push trade activities (pictures from kkj)         users do not disdain, Microsoft will be from October 27th to carry out trade activities, of which the old apple MacBook  Pro and MacBook  Air is worth $650 (about 4400 yuan). Although the current Microsoft has not officially confirmed, but Microsoft will trade activities in the day to implement target clear, namely poaching apple.         it is understood that Microsoft in New York Windows  10 new conference on the introduction of a new generation of Surface  Book named "New  Surface  Book  i7". The new Surface  Book; in terms of performance greatly improved, the capacity of hard disk, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB  SSD optional, priced at $2399  , $2799; and $3299, went on sale in November 10th, currently has to accept the official Microsoft store agreement.           in addition, Microsoft TM activity has launched several times earlier, Microsoft Surface  3 tablet computer sale, Microsoft had in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico launched trade business.相关的主题文章:

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