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The pension fund investment operations or the scale of the first operating five province does not exceed three hundred billion of the pension fund investment operations or the scale of the first operating five, not exceeding three hundred billion – reporter Wang Xiaohui reported in Beijing after a year of preparation, pension fund investment operation rujierzhi. In October 25th, the Department spokesman Li Zhong said that the Social Security Fund Council organized review committee in the year selected the first batch of pension fund management institutions, at the same time, the organization of the first principal provinces and the Social Security Fund Council signed a contract, officially launched the old-age insurance fund investment operation. So, who will be the first escrow area? What pension fund management agencies to enter the first echelon of the operation? "The local pension funds entrusted investment include enterprise workers basic pension insurance fund, basic pension insurance fund for urban and rural residents in the basic pension insurance fund institutions three, but at present only the employees’ basic endowment insurance fund accumulated for a long time, and formed a certain scale of balance. Therefore, the local basic pension insurance fund into the city hosting arrangements, mainly for the basic old-age insurance fund for employees." In October 26th, Financial Securities Research Institute of Wuhan University of Science and Technology professor Dong Dengxin accept the "China Times" reporter said, as a precaution, the signing of the first provinces in the enterprise workers basic pension insurance fund with over billion in provinces, accumulated certain experience for hosting, further expansion of the scope and scale of provinces signed escrow. For the first batch of pension fund management institutions, a large insurance companies insiders Cui Peng of the "China Times" reporter said, the first batch of finalists must be the most standard and most standardized management institutions, according to the "measures" investment of basic old-age insurance fund management regulations, professional institutions currently has qualification qualification and pension fund investment management the investment of social insurance funds is less than 30, the management mechanism should be generated from the list. The first batch of funds does not exceed the size of three hundred billion to participate in the central unification as everyone knows, the investment operation of funds is deposited on the local pension, that is to say the local pension balance risk and balance more more managed to enter the first contract. "Yesterday, I just got the latest statistics of the provinces, as of the end of 2015, the province’s enterprise workers basic old-age insurance fund balance over 100 billion, a total of 7 provinces, which are Guangdong, Shandong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Beijing and Sichuan. In the 7 provinces, except Guangdong province has 613 billion 500 million balances, other provinces are in the two hundred billion scale, therefore, the first sign of the list is likely to result in the 7 provinces and cities." Dong Dengxin said that due to the two provinces of Guangdong and Shandong pension fund has been in a state of custody, the other provinces and cities have become the first option to sign the focus of the object of 5. March 19, 2012, the Guangdong Provincial People’s government will be 100 billion yuan pension Commission commissioned by the national social security fund investment operations, which is the first time the local pension fund into the market and pilot. Since then, in February 17, 2015, Shandong enterprise employees pension fund balance.相关的主题文章:

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