Philippine President if China and Russia to establish a new world order, I joined the Sohu Military

Philippine President: if China and Russia to establish a new world order, I joined the Sohu military channel data: Philippines President Duthel Te. Observer network reported: according to the surging news November 17th quoted reported that President Rodrigo of Philippines? Walter 17, said that Philippines will follow Russia’s membership of the international criminal court. 16, Russian President Putin has signed an order to withdraw from the International Criminal Court in Holland, Hague. According to the Reuters reported on 17, Duthel Te 17, departed for Peru’s capital Lima to attend a speech before the APEC summit said in the International Criminal Court "useless", the West has accused Philippines of "extrajudicial executions" and not understanding Philippines to combat drug crime expressed disappointment. "They are of no use to those of the international criminal court. They (Russia) quit. I might follow. Why? Only a small country like ours will be suppressed, "said Duthel Te. According to Philippines’s "Daily Inquirer" reported on November 17th, after the International Criminal Court chief prosecutor? Bensouda (Fatou Bensoud) claimed that her office will start for Philippines against drug crime in motion execution monitoring, she said that the Philippines government seems to tolerate such killings". According to the "Daily Inquirer" reported on 17, Duthel Te also said in his speech that day: "if Russia and China decided to create a new world order, I would be the first to join." Reuters reported 17 said, Duthel Te is seeking this weekend with Russian President Putin in Peru meeting in Lima APEC meeting, which is part of the implementation of the independent foreign policy of Duthel Te, the purpose is to make Philippines get rid of dependence on long-term ally of the United states. Russian President Putin signed an order on November 16th to abandon the Rome statute of the international criminal court. The Russian Foreign Ministry said the ICC failed to live up to the expectations of the international community and could not become a " a truly independent and prestigious international judiciary, ". At the end of October this year, Burundi, South Africa, Gambia, three African countries have announced its withdrawal from the International Criminal Court, accusing it of being "Western powers injustice African tools". According to the British Financial Times reported that Duthel Te accused the International Criminal Court, but also pointed out that the United States and the United Nations has not been able to prevent the outbreak of war. In the existing world order, so many people around the world have been killed in the conflict, it does not mean that the United States is a good representative. In this regard, American Broadcasting Company (ABC) reported that Russia’s withdrawal from the international criminal court because of the recent air strikes in Syria by the international community condemned. U.S. officials accused Russia of humanitarian tragedy in Syria. ABC also believes that Philippines joined the International Criminal Court in 2011, but President Duthel Te launched a war on drugs that killed more than 2400 people and repeatedly condemned the international machine.相关的主题文章:

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