Promotion car dare to play 50 percent off! Although it is easy to buy a car, but these costs you cou

Promotion car dare to play 50 percent off! Although it is easy to buy a car, but these costs you count it? Sohu said the car easy to buy a car to keep a car difficult, indeed, a car of the money is few, and spend the car as a bottomless pit, no limit. In addition to the usual insurance, maintenance, traffic violations, accident repair, and even residential parking spaces need to spend. Therefore, the intention to buy a car before the start of a friend must ask whether they can bear the corresponding car costs. In addition, the late maintenance costs such as BBA and other luxury brand cars than ordinary cars much higher, the budget will be able to buy BBA entry-level car consumers must fully consider the cost of keeping a car late, don’t fall to "afford to buy a car but can’t afford to keep a car" embarrassing point. The master will come to those who are prepared to buy friends count an account, see a car after we have to bear the cost of keeping a car: 1, the cost of insurance: after buying a car, the first thing is to car insurance. Auto insurance includes travel tax, compulsory insurance and insurance. Even if you do not buy insurance, but as the third party liability insurance, vehicle insurance, non deductible insurance, pilfer, personnel on the car seat and risk of breakage of glass and other new products still have to buy. And most of the 4S shop in order to give you a certain margin will also require you to shop in the insurance, usually in the 4S shop than the cost of insurance on the outside of their own car insurance. One hundred thousand family car as an example, complete insurance down in the 4S shop office generally have more than 5 thousand oceans. 2, most of the current domestic car maintenance costs are 5000 miles (7500 kilometers) a small maintenance, maintenance in general is the replacement of oil and oil filter, in addition to the maintenance of the replacement of oil and filter, when necessary to do cleaning the engine intake system and other maintenance projects. For the one hundred thousand family car, small maintenance usually spent hundreds of dollars or so, the maintenance is between about one thousand to $two thousand. For luxury brands such as BBA, maintenance costs can be really a lot, a small maintenance costs may be more expensive than ordinary brand car maintenance. 3, maintenance costs with auto insurance reform since January 1st this year in the country, means no danger or accident a few owners of the premiums will be lower; and the danger many owners, the premium is more expensive! The new program provides that: if this year out of the 2 insurance, the next year premiums up 25%; out of the risk of the next year, premiums go up by up to 50%; out of the risk of the next year, premiums up by 75%; out of the more than 5 times the risk of insurance premiums doubled in the coming year! That is to say that this year your car insurance costs 5000 yuan (insurance), when your car is too dangerous, also called 2 times the insurance, then it will become second years 6250 yuan! If you call 3 times, direct $7500! If 4 times, 8750 yuan! 10000 times, 5 yuan! As a result, encountered a small scratch small rub, I believe most of the owners would rather spend their own money is not willing to take the insurance maintenance. In addition, for some of the luxury brand cars, their zero integer ratio is very high, even if the patch paint is much more expensive than ordinary car brand. 4, although the fuel costs相关的主题文章:

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