Regional Books Find More And More Readers

Book-Reviews In the world of English books, by both, foreign authors as well as accomplished Indian authors, one rarely thinks about the category of Regional Books in India, that is large and thriving. If you delve deeper, you will find readers who buy books in regional languages as much as the regular English or Hindi ones. Surveys have shown that the market of Regional Books in India is growing, slowly but steadily. The flavor of specific forms of literature is beyond compare, particularly when it is composed in the native languages. This sure is good news for the entire literary community in India, and also for the readers because regional books offer something that regular books dont telling a tale in the same language as the reader. There are so many people waiting to gather knowledge, but language has been a problem. With regional books, this issue is addressed. Also, readers in India have developed a speckled choice for books and Indian language books are an integral part of this variegated readership. The category includes everything, from journals, short stories, to novels and poetry. Today, there are publishing houses, like Penguin and Harper Collins that take special care of their regional book collection, and New Horizon Media that is dedicated to the publication and distribution of regional books. The category had also expanded itself and today include translations of classics and bestsellers, original fiction, journals, mythological texts, books on arts, folk culture and others, which are best enjoyed in their innate local language formats. The popular languages these books are available in are Hindi, Sanskrit,Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil and Bengali, among others. The interest of online book shops in regional books is another milestone in the journey, because now a reader can avail the book of his choice from his home. Keeping up with the trends, the online book stores like Tradus have included language books category and brings to the forefront, a wide range of books in regional languages. Online Book stores like Tradus, make the entire process o buying a book in a regional language hassle free and offer a rich catalogue to the reader, including old titles that are out of print and hard to find. Translations of bestsellers in regional languages is another sub-category that lends a lot of attraction to the market as it caters to readers who prefer to read them in regional languages. All in all, regional language books are an important source of information for the ardent Indian reader. The schools also play a big part in awareness towards books in a local language, and recently a few big schools have been trying to do just the same. They .anize small scale book fares and encourage children to read books in their language. By the way things are going, it is only a matter of a few years when the regional book category will achieve the success it deserves. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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