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There is a "face" wave scared accident novice drivers – Sohu car novice driver Mr. Zhang in the passing of Shapingba CI Tong Lu when the roadside, suddenly glanced at the roadside, a "grimace" man suddenly waved to him. Mr. Zhang was shocked, move the steering wheel, will be the same as a bicycle hit…… More than and 30 year old Zhang opened a gray sedan, the afternoon of 22, after 2, he drove out to work, the way Shapingba magnetic child road. Because it is a novice driver, Mr. Zhang is very careful when driving, all the way to look at the front. Suddenly, a picture of "face", wearing the costume of the man caught his eye. "Oh dear! What is this?" Mr. Zhang was shocked, because the man to the next station, is toward him "Crazy" wave. Mr. Zhang panic is wrong, at the wheel, unfortunately will travel in the same direction of a bike hit the man on the bicycle, causing the legs were bruised. Soon, 110 Shapingba Public Security Bureau police at the team soon after receiving the alarm rushed to the scene, a middle-aged face saw a tall burly painted with paint, wearing a black robe standing on the roadside, next to a man riding a bicycle is stopped with a silver car, and the driver of the fierce quarrel. The man on the bike to the police, said: I came to see my brother riding a bike, my brother waiting for me on the roadside, but just the driver drove my legs to rub, and he is not willing to take responsibility." The original Lee riding a bike, wearing a costume man’s brother, his brother in a nearby shop to work, dressed in costume painted in order to attract customers face. The day Mr. Li will come to my brother, brother worried that Mr. Lee can not find the way, no makeup to change clothes, ran out on the side of the road when he saw his brother to the bike, he quickly waved, unexpectedly frightened Mr. Zhang passing. In view of Mr. Lee’s left leg was slightly bruised by the police mediation, Mr. Zhang on the spot compensation Lee yuan.相关的主题文章:

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