Rumor Nintendo NX 6.2 inch prototype handheld host composite design

Rumor: Nintendo NX 6.2 inch prototype handheld host composite design with multiple recent news sources pointed out that the composite design of the new Nintendo NX host will use the handheld + host, such as Eurogamer, LetsPlayVideoGames etc.. Now known to break the news Emily Rogers forwarded the news reports of the LPVG, and said that the NX can split handle does have the article said the movement feedback and control functions. Multiple sources confirmed that Nintendo NX will use the handheld + host composite design according to Emily information, NX prototype machine has 6.2 inch multi touch screen resolution of 720P, equipped with two USB slots. Of course, this is just a prototype, Emily stressed that the final product will change now she can’t say. NX is scheduled for release in March 2017, Nintendo insiders praise the performance of "One PS4, at Xbox". Now it is estimated that it is equipped with NVIDIA just released soon Tegra Parker chip, six core CPU+256 core Pascal GPU. According to the current speed of the development of mobile processors, in the premise of the optimization of the whole, for the mobile processor to achieve close to the level of the screen should not be difficult. NX used this handheld + host composite design routines, review the history of the development of the whole industry has little precedent. In the past ten years, have already gradually became accustomed to the game player is handheld console, console console is designed. It is hard to imagine what the final shape of NX will be, but Nintendo often plays a role as a pioneer in the industry. Looking forward to the official launch of NX in March 2017. (source: HKGNEWS editor: Okami) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

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