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Automobiles Apparently technology knows no bounds and Honda is proving it with a new device called the Bodyweight Support Assist which will help support bodyweight to reduce stress on the users legs when walking, climbing stairs or crouching. Santa Clara used Honda Accord dealers are proud that Honda is involved in such a project. The Bodyweight Support Assist is being shown at the National Design Triennial Why Design Now? exhibition at the Smithsonian Institution in New York, NY. The exhibition runs through January 2011. This exhibition has been put together to showcase designers from all over the world, showing that design can help meet the needs and solve some problems in the areas of health and environment. Ideas and innovations extend to the areas of accessibility, sustainability, fair trade, conservation, education, health, creative capitalism, universality and the underserved population. Designers are asked to balance beauty with usefulness in their designs. Customers of Santa Clara used cars will be impressed with Hondas Bodyweight Support Assist device when they see how cleverly it reduces strain on leg muscles and joints with a simple-to-use .pilation of a seat, frame and shoes. Honda has included unique mechanisms in the device that help direct force to the wearers center of gravity and use the force of the leg movements to offer natural assistance for natural motion and posture. Customers of any Santa Clara use Honda Accord should know that Honda put as much time and research into this project as it does its vehicle designs. Research for the Bodyweight Support Assist device began in 1999 at the Fundamental Research Center of Honda R&D Co., Ltd., the home of ASIMO, Hondas advanced humanoid robot. Honda also has a second device in the works, not yet on exhibit, but designed for the elderly or those with weakened leg muscles who can still walk independently. More information on the Stride Management Assist will be released at a later time. At the rate Honda is working on such technologies, though, it will likely be a valuable contribution to society as it is perfected for use in the health care .munity. Although buyers of Santa Clara used cars may not ever see some of this technology in person, they can be proud that Honda is supporting so much valuable research. In just the past decade, Hondas research efforts have helped develop innovations in humanoid robotics, HondaJet, fuel cell electric vehicle technology, walking assist devices, nano-materials, and thin film solar cells in addition to their vehicle technology. Who knew Honda was so involved with technology in general? Not me, I must admit. I am very impressed with the humanitarian side of Hondas research. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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