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UnCategorized You should know by now that uniqueness makes memorability. You are remembered by the way you make an impact on people, and this concept especially .es into play when you need to arrive at a special occasion bearing gifts. When you arrive at a baby shower, for example, how could you ensure that your uniqueness will shine through, that you’ll be getting unique baby shower gifts instead of the garden variety diaper bags and security blankets. Unique baby shower gifts – like any gift, for any occasion – aren’t usually bought. They are made. And in order to make sure that your impact lasts a long time… preferably at least the lifespan of human infancy … you need to be sure that the gifts you bring are worth receiving. You need to think out of the box. Think modern – think of something the baby can use for the long haul. Register a blog, for example, or a website that documents baby’s growing up years! If you’re a regular on the net, you must have heard about the video of the girl who took a picture of herself every day for three years – well, it’s not that you have to do that every time. But you CAN provide an avenue for the parents to do something like that, if they wish! A lot of proud parents maintain blogs for their babies, chronicling the developments of each child as they grow past infancy and get into the age when they themselves can blog. An online repository of memories could be something you can give not just to the baby, but to the baby’s entire family. You also need to think of the parents. A lot of people who attend baby showers .e bearing gifts that the baby could use – a hypoallergenic stuffed doll, a "My First Alphabet" book, an educational toy. But whoever thought of the parents? A baby shower is as much for them as it is for the baby, and they are more in a position to appreciate your attendance, seeing as they’re the ones who worked hard to make sure you have a good time! Try to bring unique baby shower gifts that the parents will enjoy. If they’re first-time parents, they may be appreciate a how-to CD on the basics of parenting… and a book on handling rebellious teenagers may at least cause a good laugh. But you would do well to warn them to keep the book, for they will need it someday for sure! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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