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Sweet! See the Hollywood in the best combination is "Brokeback Mountain", Jack said to Ennis: "I wish I knew how to quit you." This is probably the most beautiful love between the two boys. Of course, in addition to love, the man’s base is more lethal, and those of the Hollywood stars, the love will be interpreted as a different kind of legend. Charlie Chaplin & Douglas Fairbanks Charlie Chaplin from the earliest British theatre mogul Constance carriel mouth, heard a lot about Douglas Fairbanks: portrayed the first star of Hollywood, not only talented, but also very attractive. Chaplin, however, did not appreciate the young men who had been exposed, but one day, they had a meal at the bar. Chaplin wanted to refuse, but Constance had to go anyway. "But since that night, Chaplin (right) and Fairbanks (left) became close friends. He was also the first movie star to settle in Beverly, and he often invited Chaplin to spend the weekend. Chaplin used to ride out of the mountains to see the sunrise when it was not bright. They are watching the sunrise, Fairbanks always talk with eloquence, Chaplin in the side of blame at night did not sleep well, accompanied by the lack of women. Although there is no companion, but in the morning ride travel is a very romantic thing for them. "On April 6, 1917, the United States to join the" war "declared war on germany. Chaplin and van punk couple had the initiative to join the war for the freedom of the public debt to raise the purchase campaign (pictured at the scene of the fundraiser, van punk will be carried on the shoulders of Chaplin). Chaplin and Fairbanks couple, David Griffith founded the "United artists". In 1918, Chaplin himself, the first self "army". At the time of the trial, Chaplin invited his best friend, punk. Throughout the screening process, fan punk laugh from the beginning to the end, laughing too late to wipe the tears. Chaplin for the friend sent a warm heart of praise: "I am the most professional spectators, is the lovely Douglas." Although Chaplin has a lot of comedy, but in Hollywood, he is still lonely. Because he often stay in my studio, it is difficult to meet other people’s studio. Chaplin basically did not make new friends in Hollywood, surrounded by only van punk and his wife Marie. Henry Fonda & James Stewart in 1928, Henry Fonda young entered New York community stage. Due to the great depression, Henry’s life is not easy, but during another fledgling dreamer – James Stewart. "On this good friend in the Broadway run into something, at a draught by the Hollywood (phase as Henry left and right for Stewart) 1935, Fonda on the screen debut" the farmer takes a wife "with Jeanne Gainuo on the show, won a piece of praise, the film about constantly, wages rose to $3000. Stewart soon followed, and Clark Gabriel Biao play the same stage in 1936 "and" Secretary Li wife. After fame, Henry and Stewart)相关的主题文章:

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