The central bank for two consecutive days to reverse the release of the 14 day of the release of wha oembios.bin

The central bank for two consecutive days of the implementation of the reversal of the repurchase of the date of the release of any signal figure Phoenix Financial News following the central bank on the 24 day after the reversal of the repurchase operation of the 50 billion and 14 day, the 25 day of the re launch of the 80 billion and 14 day repurchase of 14 days. In addition, 140 billion yuan for the 7 day reverse repurchase operations. Foreign media quoted industry sources, the central bank open market dealers can continue to declare the 7 day and the day of the reverse repurchase demand for 14 days. One who worked in the central bank open market operations in the operating room, said the market, 14 days reverse repurchase period slightly longer, the purpose of the central bank is mainly to reduce the volatility of the capital side, a smooth capital. There are traders who do not wish to be named, said the central bank does not rule out the operation of the repurchase period will continue to be extended to 28 days, then the cost of capital (money market weighted average price) will rise further. Market, the 1 day repo rate fell by 5.49 basis points at a rate of 2.0072%, the repurchase rate fell by 11.01 basis points for the 7 day reported at 2.3887%. In addition, there is news that the central bank 23, respectively, to convene the meeting of the four lines and the shareholding system, the market rumors the central bank window guide commercial banks to reduce the overnight funds to lend. 23 day overnight repurchase scale decreased by 14%, turnover fell to the lowest level since July 28th, turnover accounted for the lowest level since July. Solid Bin Bin Sun Binbin team believes that the central bank to guide the reduction of overnight reverse repo rumors to see if true, the central bank may have deep consideration. Of course, the future of overnight lending is really "window guidance", we still need to further observe (can not rule out only a temporary response to financial constraints). The central bank to increase the average maturity of repurchase, help to improve the stability of the monetary base in essence; and the monetary base as bank debt source, it also helps to enhance the stability of the bank relative to the asset side of the duration of the configuration. This also implies that the central bank requires the purpose of controlling overnight lending, that is to say, the capital market funds have an extension of the average duration of the possibility. The Sun Binbin team said that the market for the central bank’s monetary policy greatly the wind sways grass, highly sensitivity to funds face fluctuations, showed that the current market is at a critical point of vulnerability, duration mismatch and the actual leverage is high has over crowded state. [market dynamics] 10 year bond futures rose by 0.23%, the national debt futures rose by 0.13% year on year of 5. 2026 maturity, coupon 2.9% bond yields fell by 3 basis points, at $2.73%. 2026 maturity, coupon 2.74% bond yields fell by 3 basis points, at $2.70%.相关的主题文章:

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