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College-University Education is one of the best tools you could equip yourself with. It is a tool that you use all through your life and which never fails you. The whole process starts with your high school. High school is the place where you get the taste of serious classroom teaching for the first time. The Chinese high school comprises of different stages that include pre-primary, primary education and secondary education. In most of the nations the formal education of the student in secondary stage is characterized by the transition from compulsory primary education to the selective or optional education stage. The main purpose of the high school is to prepare an individual for further vocational or university education. The educational system differs from one country to another, similarly High schools and high school curriculum differs from one school to another. In the Chinese high school there are two parts-a 3 year junior high school program and a senior high. In junior high school students learn a science as well as art subjects. Physical education is given prominence throughout the schooling years of the students. In senior years students can choose their subjects and can decide whether they want to study science or humanities subjects. The students prepare for the national college entrance examination. Yew Chung International schools are amongst the most illustrious Chinese international school in China and were founded by Madame Tsang Chor-hang. The Yew Chung Foundation is now led under by the able guidance of Madame Tsang’s successor, Dr. Chan Po-king. For the last 70 years the school is providing through-train services that aids in providing the best possible education to the students. The Chinese high school follows a multi cultural and bilingual education system that offers a blend of western thoughts and the eastern values. The school offers Early Childhood Education, primary and secondary education to its eager students. The children are educated in English as well as Chinese language and cultures. There are many additional programs such as summer school, world classroom program, music programs etc. The Yew Chung International Baccalaureate graduates possess the caliber and confidence to face the high paced and highly competitive world. Yew Chung is the Chinese high school that offers a global vision to its students besides developing them academically and intellectually. Visit the site .ycef.. and know more about the Chinese high school run by Yew Chung Education Foundation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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