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The ejection version annihilates -15 first exposure suspected   expert: traction Model No. annihilates -15 aircraft photos rod of high technical difficulty — military — network before the landing gear landing gear cabin door close-up, visible shape has significant changes in September 21 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Huang Zi Juan) recently, the network appears a group of new type annihilates -15 aircraft photos caused widespread concern netizens, photos of the f -15 landing gear cylinder was bold, double front wheel installed in front of the ejector rod, media analysis, if the photo is true, it should be developed in the Chinese carrier based fighter f -15 on the basis of the catapult technology demonstrator. In this regard, a military expert Du Wenlong said in an interview, photos displayed on the landing gear drop f -15 traction rod technical difficulty is very high, the improved aircraft is intended to test a steam catapult or electromagnetic catapult will what are the requirements for the aircraft. Back in August of this year, the network exposure of a group allegedly photographed in Wuhan, china. The body of the building is a suspected aircraft carrier land experiment platform, the British "Jane’s Defence Weekly" analysis, this is the experimental platform China made aircraft carrier. Photo shows the front platform has been flattened, the outside world accordingly have speculated that the next China aircraft carrier will catapult off. But according to the defense ministry news release said, is currently in Dalian to build the first domestic aircraft carrier will still use the ski jump deck, that is to say the catapult takeoff version of F -15 should not appear in the first domestic aircraft carrier. Military expert Cao Weidong said, although currently Dalian shipyard built the first domestic aircraft carrier or the use of ski jump takeoff way. But after the new aircraft carrier, it is possible to use catapult takeoff. Cao Weidong said, whether it is a steam ejection, or electromagnetic ejection can be fixed wing ejection warning aircraft, greatly enhance the overall operational capabilities of aircraft carriers, especially air command, electronic warfare capabilities. In the future, China’s construction of the aircraft carrier, the catapult takeoff must be the direction of our development, we will be able to see in the near future the use of domestic aircraft catapult launch. So, this installation ejection rod annihilates -15 aircraft of the network appears and what does that mean? Yang Xiyu, a researcher at the China Institute of international studies, said in an interview with CCTV, if the photo is true, not only shows that China is launching technology, but also in the attempt to leap. Because the carrier based ejection technology is divided into two kinds of steam ejection and electromagnetic ejection, this picture may be related to electromagnetic ejection, which indicates that China in the development of the advantages of the use of leaps and bounds. Military expert Du Wenlong believes that now a lot of nuclear powered aircraft carrier and without the use of electromagnetic launch, but the use of a steam catapult, but we improved the aircraft should be out of two goals: one is to test now steam ejection or electromagnetic ejection will be what is required for the aircraft, to capture the core technology; two is ready in order to improve the next generation. Du Wenlong said, the technical difficulty of the drawbar photos displayed on the landing on the f -15 drop is very high, the f -15 has been completed ship test in the aircraft carrier, the tail hook has been able to guarantee if the arresting cable hook, break stretch)相关的主题文章:

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