The ICBC Credit Suisse fund manager with relatives jailed for account of stocks lformat

The ICBC Credit Suisse fund manager and fund manager jailed relatives account stocks Wang’s about 1000000000 fund management, by buying the name of relatives capital account or sell his shares of a total of 4 years of operation, profit more than 249 yuan. The second intermediate people’s Court of first instance to the use of undisclosed information trading, sentenced Wang to two years in prison, two years probation, fined two million and five hundred thousand yuan. The operation of the fund manager stock profit 2 million 490 thousand 36 year old Wang is Hebei people, postgraduate education, before the incident, the fund manager of ICBC Credit Suisse fund management company limited. The prosecution alleged, November 2011 to January 2015, Wang served as fund manager of ICBC Credit Suisse Fund Management Co. Ltd., in charge of ICBC Credit Suisse consumer services industry stock type securities investment fund, ICBC Credit Suisse guaranteed hybrid securities investment fund 4 fund products (hereinafter referred to as the "fund account group") during use because of the above fund account management and grasp the group’s backbone investment decision, the letter of transaction information, in violation of the provisions, the actual control of the use of "Wang" and "Ma" securities account, prior to or during the same period in the fund account group to buy or sell the same stock 49, total profit 249 yuan. Wang surrendered in November 4, 2015, the same year was arrested in November 19th. To buy a house in Sanya said the statement of profit and investment in the trial, Wang pleaded guilty in 2009 and 2010, he used the relatives opened stock account, before or after their operating funds, make decision to buy and sell a few days to buy and sell stocks. "These two accounts are my aunt and aunt. Profitable money in Sanya to buy a house for their parents, spent about 2 million 600 thousand yuan." Wang Mou said. In addition to making money to buy a house, but also joined a chain of liquor stores. Wang said that at the beginning of their relatives with the account of the operation did not know that this is illegal, I feel is the most illegal. But I know that as a fund manager is not able to use their own accounts to buy shares, so he used the aunt, aunt account name. Wait until the relevant departments in accordance with clues to find him, he realized that his behavior is also a crime. Last November 4th, he went to the Beijing City Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Corps surrendered. Wang was detained after the family will return all of the proceeds of crime. I was not aware of the laws and regulations, and now recognize that this is a violation of law, I will certainly cooperate with the public security organs to investigate the problem clearly, for leniency". The decision of the use of undisclosed information transaction crime court held that, Wang as fund management company employees, because of his outside use insider information to facilitate access to other undisclosed information, in violation of regulations, engage in securities trading activities with the information related to the plot, especially serious, his behavior constituted the use of undisclosed information transaction the crime should be punished according to law. In view of the Wang Department of surrender, the initiative to pay back all the money and fines, and pleaded guilty to repentance, the court mitigated punishment according to law. Erzhongyuan verdict, the use of undisclosed information trading, sentenced Wang to two years in prison, two years probation, fined two million and five hundred thousand yuan, four million nine hundred and ninety-two thousand and seventy-five yuan in two million four hundred and ninety thousand and two documented seizure.相关的主题文章:

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