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The toilet in drag queen? You are in the garden offering can not accept what the Japanese Garden offering the equivalent of our campus culture festival, the community and the class will make every effort to attract the attention of the guests, creative booth also jiaocao campus Belle pageant, but also for the next session of the students prepare, so the program to enrich the content, to the color! [Japanese media survey: your garden offering what strange fun activities] (survey: students) 1 pageants become strange! "We chose the school girls with other schools." (Osaka Prefecture University sister 19 years old), said the school was selected but there are boys enrolled, they wear women’s competition." (Tama Art University Girl 20 years old one) are winning "campus Belle take a neutral line, voters are girls, you choose not feminine, but handsome." (University of the Sacred Heart University Girl 21 years old 4) "when we are women’s University, but choose grass." (Japan Women’s university sports girl 20 years old 3) "in our school there’s a handsome pageant, although heard of a selection from the appearance of handsome beauty, but we see the purpose of the school is inside, to fully understand the girl’s mood." (2 year old sister at the University of South Georgia) game and competition is very popular in the class of 21! "Our school has Cara OK competition, according to the score to win." (pine University boys 19 years old), there is the "magic treasure can be a dream," the community held a small wizard game contest." (Tokyo University Science, 21 year old boys 3) "bingo game contest prizes, all high." (Kinki University 22 year old woman 4) "we have a baseball game, there are many stalls, can spend the rest of the day in the world of baseball." (South University boys 24 years old) "we have" magic bubble adventure "players." (21 year old sister at the University of South East Asia) of the students planning to become strange to the 3! "We have a coffee shop, although it’s stupid and fun." (Kinki University 19 years old girl 2) "we have the music field, thus held a mini concert, this is music subject specific activities." (Sapporo Otani University Girl 22 years old 4) "we have activities called" rice Tian Wang ", some people will eat insects." (22 year old sister at Waseda University) "we’ll open a pizza shop." (Tokiwa University 21 year old woman 4) "according to the simulated store rankings give bonuses, vote with mobile phone." (Meiji University Girl 21 years old 4) 4 other: "our school is famous for tuna tuna, so there will be." (Kinki University 21 year old sophomore boys) "our guests are basically the kids in the kindergarten, so the program is designed for them." (Seitoku University, 22 year old woman 4) "we are the music college, so all day playing musical instruments." (University of the Arts, Tokyo, 25 year old sister, sister), we have the right to push the bald head, we are looking forward to push the bald head." (25 of you alone, Fukuoka university students) "we are creative, delicacy snacks taste."?相关的主题文章:

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