The Types Of Airsoft

Sports-and-Recreation The gun itself is obviously the most important tool in airsoft. It can make or break your performance and enjoyment. If you are serious about airsoft then make sure that you get a good gun. Lower priced guns can be fun for a while but most likely they will not last for more than a couple of months and before you know it you will have to buy a new gun if you want to keep playing. Having a quality gun will also make you more competitive. A low quality gun which frequently jams and does not shoot straight is not much fun in the heat of battle. You will spend more time messing with the gun than actually accomplishing your objectives. It is much better to have a mid to top tier gun and spend your time accomplishing your teams objectives and dominating your opponents. To top if off, a top of the line airsoft gun is much better for showing off to your friends than a cheap plastic one. Since the gun is an important part of the game it is good to know about the different types of airsoft guns. There are three main categories of airsoft guns: spring, electric, and gas. Spring guns are often the least expensive, and in some cases the most reliable. A quality spring airsoft gun will practically last forever if you don’t abuse it. This is because there are few moving parts within the gun and there is not much which can go wrong. The drawback of spring guns is that they need to be manually cocked before each shot is fired. This makes them good starter guns, but if playing against someone with an automatic AEG then you will have a big disadvantage because they will be able to pump out bbs 100 times faster than you. In serious airsoft battles the only time you really see spring guns used is for sniping. Snipers do not rely on a high rate of fire but instead use tactics, cover, concealment, and marksmanship to take down their prey. Gas powered airsoft guns use either green gas or CO2 as propulsion. In other words, the gas is already pressurized. This makes them easy to use and very realistic. They can fire in semi auto mode, and sometimes even in full auto. The drawback is that once you’re out of gas then the gun is basically useless until you buy more. CO2 is easy to find but Green Gas usually has to purchased online or at a specialty store. There are special adapters which allow propane to be used instead of Green Gas. The third type of airsoft gun is electric. For rifles this is the most popular type of gun. They are battery powered. The battery turns an electric motor which in turn powers a pistol which compresses air, which is used to propel the Bbs. This makes them very powerful because they can shoot in full auto mode for as long as the trigger is pulled back. Many AEGs also come with a high capacity magazine which can hold 300 rounds or more. The batteries are almost always rechargeable so once they are out all you have to do is put them on a charger for a few hours and then you’re ready to play again. In matches and events which last for a day or more it is a good idea to have a spare battery or two to use while the other is charging. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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