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Software Citrix XenApp: For .panies looking for a virtual desktop application management system they might want to try the Citrix XenApp. Citrix XenApp is a platform that allows users to remotely use the services in their office in a secured environment. This allows employees to access data or information in their office desktop without being physically present in their office. The Citrix XenApp application allows the use of Windows application to be used by users virtually anywhere and is .patible with any device. Citrix XenApp Environment: The application is made up of 3 areas – multi-user operating system, software and user device. The multi-operating system makes use of the MS Windows server with remote desktop session host which allows users to connect to the data centre individually or simultaneously with other users. The software, on the other hand, extends the remote service via HDX protocol to allow users to connect with their devices. Last, but not the least, are the user devices. The user device(s) makes use of the Citrix Receiver software that allows them to connect to the data centre. Benefits of Citrix XenApp: One of the benefits of the application is that it reduces storage cost for the .pany. The application makes use of servers that can hold up to 200 users by sharing .puting resources unlike traditional virtual .puters with a dedicated server that are used exclusively by small group of users. Another benefit of the application is that it simplifies the image management providing a centralized image across all users. The centralization allows software developers or IT to patch the system, update or deploy updates in a single run limiting downgrade time. The next benefit is that the desktop application allows for the customization of the resources to meet the demands of the user. In that, the hosted server can analyse the .puting requirements of the user(s) and allocate the resources to the majority of the user type while at the same time reserving enough resources for other minor user group without sacrificing quality and efficiency. Last, but not the least, is that it provides the same user experience to the user wherever they are in the world or whatever device they use to access the data centre. In that, one can access the same interface that they have in their office even while using public .puters or terminals without having any problems in terms of security for the data they access. Point to Point is one of the leading IT .panies specializing in Desktop and Application software since the mid-90s. They provide services such as Citrix desktop virtualization, Xen Desktop, Application streaming, Provisioning Services and other Citrix services. XenServer: The Citrix XenServer is a .pletely managed server virtualization that is built upon the Xen hypervisor. The Xen hypervisor is an abstraction layer that permits each physical server to run one or multiple ‘virtual servers.’ This allows for fast and easy virtual deployments and simplified virtualization management that is both reliable and consistent. As well, because the Xen hypervisor is exceptionally lean, it provides very low overhead and near-native performance for guests. As a native 64-bit virtualization platform, the Citrix XenServer has the essential high scalability that is needed by critical business applications. The Citrix XenServer is able deliver the highest quality server and the best management for both Linux and Windows virtual servers. Its delivers effective business stability and server consolidation at costs that meet a business’s IT budget. An important benefit of using the Citrix XenServer broad platform is businesses of all sizes are able to automate and integrate their management processes. The result is an efficient virtual data centre. Businesses benefit from the Citrix Xen because this efficient and high performing technology creates an extremely high performance platform that allows their IT team to run and manage their most important applications. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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