There are piles of electric vehicles can not be charged with how to break the problem candy boy

There are piles of electric vehicles can not be charged with how to break the problem? 60 thousand new energy index this year in Beijing city in August all robbed finished, and in October 8th, and nearly 12 thousand people apply for new energy automobile brand. In the new energy vehicles behind the strong sales, the Beijing Morning Post reporter found the day before the survey, some of the new energy vehicle charging due to the persistent problems to worry about, find problems pile is difficult, long queues, expensive parking fees still haunt the new energy vehicle owners. Dajiaoting bridge in the northwest corner of a larger charging station, charging pile by gasoline vehicles for parking Financial Street shopping center, underground parking lot, a charging pile using standard notice Shijingshan District Jinyu Riverside Park District, district charging pile has not been enabled: pile not built piles difficult horse lady in just three months ago buy new energy vehicles, each vehicle to the charge, she would try. District has 4 charging pile, but has not opened. I also want to contact the property, charging pile construction in the area, but the property of fuzzy attitude, mutually making excuses." Reporters arrived at the district after Ms. Ma found that charging piles are offline, the corresponding parking spaces are also accounted for by gasoline cars. Reporter contacted the company and the property of the charging pile, both staff said the device is still in the process of debugging, charging stations are not yet completed. As to when it can be used normally, the two sides can not give a clear answer. For the owners can be built in the district charging pile problem, the property is very decisive answer, it is impossible to establish their own, because it has to consider the safety and power issues." At the same time, the staff also said that even if the property of parking spaces, can install charging pile is not sure, "the owner of this self charging so far are not mature, we do not have a blueprint for reference." Public: charging queues the high cost of time charging pile was there, but very little, each row for a long time." Liu Liu, the new energy vehicle owners will be close to the Chaoyang Hospital West of the hospital in charge of charging stations, but because of the number of charging pile is very small, each time to spend a lot of time and energy to charge. Beijing Morning Post reporter saw in Chaoyang Hospital, Beijing West Hospital, charging pile built in the south side of the main building of the hospital, from the 2 fast charge and slow charge of the composition of the 2. The administrator told reporters that the 4 charging pile usage is very high, fast charging pile from more than 1 o’clock in the afternoon began to queue up owners, has been discharged into the evening. Because after 9 pm parking fees will be reduced to 5 cents per hour, so there are many midnight charge owners." Liu told reporters that the phone APP to find charging pile is very easy, but really want to charge electricity is very difficult. "Have to queue up, this is not the same as gasoline car refueling, people add an oil one or two minutes, and it has to wait at least an hour to charge." Liu said that the real problem is that the charge can not predict the time cost. Spending: parking fee card solution to spend your money to buy a new energy vehicles for more than a year, when you need to pay the parking fee to become a lump in mr.. The original price is still cheap, but count the parking fee, the cost of the car actually and gasoline ratio is not much difference." Zhang said, plus 1.8 yuan per kilowatt hour service fee, all aspects of the comprehensive factors, every hundred kilometers need to spend about $47. "To add.相关的主题文章:

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