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That’s right: minute drive to improve mileage car car Sohu – Sohu [E electric park] as a new energy vehicle owners, if you have such trepidation: Summer dare not open warm air blowing air, winter, did not dare to start catching up, the car did not dare to put…… Is it enough to do just that? The answer was No. So, today, a small E to grab a steak affect the electric car mileage multi factors. Before entering the topic first, to review the topic of voting | mileage greatly reduced, these bad habits do you have? The feedback group is as follows: riders, most riders think the weather, air conditioning, load, tire pressure and personal driving habits have some impact on the new energy vehicle mileage. What is the specific situation, continue to look down. Is your air condition on? There is no doubt that air conditioning has a certain impact on the traditional power or new energy vehicles. And burn oil is different, the new energy vehicles can not achieve real-time replenishment". Because of this, the air conditioning energy for the new owners concerned, both luxury and chicken ribs. So, air conditioning is just furnishings? No no. It can be done, but it must be done properly. First of all, we need to know that when the air conditioner is working with the power of 2kW, then, the speed of 10km h~170km h uniform driving mileage will be shortened to as shown in the following figure. If the above abstract, an intuitive example: in a full 100km riders self driving activities, the owner of the A speed of 50km h, then took 2h, the power consumption of the air-conditioning 2kw× 2H = 4kwh. The B owner’s speed is 100km h, it takes 1H, air conditioning power consumption 2kw× 1H = 2kwh. So the question is, who is the rest of the electricity? From the above examples can be concluded: the higher the speed, the shorter the use of air conditioning, so the lower the power consumption of air conditioning. With this conclusion, does it mean that the higher the speed, the air-conditioning on the electricity? Did not。 What the hell is going on? Look down. The blue line represents the open air conditioning, the red curve represents the closed – from the figure, 40km h, the higher the speed mileage is short. The reason is the high speed wind resistance, rolling resistance is greater, the vehicle rolling resistance work in overcoming drag loss of more energy. So, although the speed is adjustable air conditioning ON power consumption is low, but also because of the drag dissipation speed increased with more air conditioning, so ON is conducive to the driving range and the speed is about h in 60km, but not the higher the better. Is the tire pressure timed test? The influence of tire pressure on mileage is often ignored. Take the most common two wheeled transport bicycles, bicycle tires when loss of gas, a step forward is more difficult. The reason is very simple: tire pressure is too low, the tire and the road surface contact area increases, the friction will also increase, continue to go forward will have to spend more external force. New energy vehicles is also a truth, tire pressure is insufficient, the motor will have to spend more energy to overcome the greater resistance, so the power consumption will be相关的主题文章:

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