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Tickets cheated   search engine should bear responsibility –IT– original title: Tickets cheated search engine should bear responsibility for the Shandong girl suffered telecommunications fraud from the event is pending, the media also broke with the phone scam event, but this is not a liar active call, but the victims call tickets cheated — Shaanxi Xianyang two nurses Li and Xiao Yan himself through mobile phone Baidu query site where the customer service tickets, tickets did not set the success, but has been a liar cheated more than twenty thousand yuan. Two nurses for booking return tickets to open Baidu mobile phone, a query where the network’s official customer service phone, Baidu search out a 010 cell phone, this number down to play in the past, and then into the crook of the trap, has cheated twenty thousand yuan. Mobile phone Baidu search service with telephone fraud, provides an opportunity for the successful implementation of Baidu as a liar fraud, liar accomplice. According to the national Internet Information Office released in August 1st this year, the implementation of the "Internet information search service management regulations" provisions of article sixth, the Internet information search service providers should implement the main responsibility, establish and improve the information audit, real-time inspection, public emergency information…… Safety and control measures…… If Baidu to implement the main responsibility, effective real-time inspections, fraud phone will not appear in the Baidu search results. The provisions of article tenth stipulates that Internet information search service providers should provide objective, impartial, authoritative search results, and may not harm the state interests and public interests, and the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, legal persons and other organizations. The phone is provided by Baidu phone fraud, damage the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, then it should bear the consequences, at least part of the responsibility to bear. It is worth noting that two nurses after being cheated, enter again "where the network customer service phone" a few words, "second bounce out is still a telephone; the media reporters to experience, so is the search results. Also, Baidu after receiving complaints after the registration of victims, or not below, or not direct docking, Baidu also exposed in the management there are many loopholes such as numbness, inefficient, equal to condone fraud. Although Baidu launched the Baidu users rights protection plan, but not for all users, and must be a registered user of Baidu. Moreover, Baidu registered users to click on the site with the relevant logo, or in the 4 sites belonging to the Baidu platform to click on the relevant sites, after the loss to apply for protection. Two cheated nurses may not meet these conditions set by Baidu, in order to claim rights, I am afraid that only take the judicial path. After the Wei Zexi incident, promote gambling sites and other events, Baidu rectification is still not enough. Baidu must carry out a hitherto unknown "net net" to remove all illegal information out, and implement the main responsibility in accordance with the regulations, the establishment of inspection, processing mechanism. In addition, it should also expand the scope of protection of the interests of Internet users, all civilian search Baidu was deceived, Baidu should protect the interests of Internet users. (commissioning editor Jiang Qi and Shi Yaqiao)相关的主题文章:

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