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Sports-and-Recreation It is normal these days for anglers to use multiple rod set ups when fishing for carp, this enables the angler to try many different spots, rigs or baits at the same time. To solve the problem of carrying lots of separate bank sticks around fishing manufacturers developed the rod pod which is capable of holding up to four rods and the required bite alarms, indicators and butt grips. Most rod pods have adjustable legs and buzzer bars so the angler can point the rods in the desired direction be it beach caster style with tips pointing upwards to avoid weed, snags etc. or rod tips pointing level or towards the water if using back leads or slack lines. A Rod pod is also useful if your fishery utilizes wooden platforms because of shallow or reedy margins or if the fishery has rock hard banks like many of the gravel pits in the south of England. Another advantage of using a rod pod is the reduced time it takes to set up and pack away. On arrival at the fishery the angler can extract the rod pod from the tackle bag with bite indicators and rear rests still attached from the last fishing session and can be set up and ready to go in next to no time. The first rod pods were made from a heavy stainless steel but most anglers now prefer the lighter, plastic covered alloy models that manufacturers like Fox International produce or the lightweight stainless models Solar Tackle manufacture, although there are still .panies such as Matrix Innovations and Steve Neville that still produce old school strong, heavy gauge stainless steel pods that should last you a lifetime but are a substantial weight to carry to your swim. Fox are at the forefront of rod pod design and manufacture and produce a wide range of pods to suit all fishing situations and budgets. These range from the simple, A-pod with limited adjustments to the Eclipse, Quattro & Ranger pods with adjustable legs and central bars. You can expect to pay from around £45 for the lower end to around £150 for top end pods. Solar Tackle has also been a major player in the rod pod market and their flagship product ‘The Solar Worldwide Pod’ being a firm favourite with many anglers who prefer the stainless look but is made from a lightweight stainless steel and weighs just 2.3kg. If you are considering purchasing a rod pod you should think about the following factors: Rod capacity – Most rod pods will .e with a 3 rod buzzer bar as standard but most can also take a 2 or 4 rod buzzer bar if required. Bank side terrain – Are your banks steep? Then you may want to consider a rod pod with adjustable legs and frame giving you the ability to raise or lower the front/back ends so you can point the rods up or down. Weight – Is your desired lake/swim a long way from the carp park? If so it may be a good idea to purchase a lighter weight pod. Budget & Quality – Pods can vary in cost and quality so it pays to go with an established manufacturer. It will pay to do some research online to find the best deals available. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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