Treat antibiotics carefully! Awareness of the world to improve antibiotics week China propaganda

Treat antibiotics carefully! "The world to improve antibiotic Awareness Week campaign launched" Chinese – Sohu health November 14th ~ 20, WHO launched the "to improve the understanding of antibiotics week", this year’s campaign theme of careful treatment of antibiotics". November 15th, sponsored by the national health and Family Planning Commission, WHO, No.1 Hospital of Peking University hosted the world awareness week to improve antibiotics, Chinese propaganda campaign was held in beijing. National Health and family planning medical affairs authority Secretary Zhang Zongjiu pointed out that this year the Publicity Week theme to promote public and medical personnel are responsible for use of antibiotics. He said that the irrational use of antibiotics will lead to reduced sensitivity of bacteria to antibiotics or even disappear, so that the efficacy of antibiotics to reduce or even ineffective, resulting in bacterial resistance, adverse effects on human health. Will make the treatment of patients complicated, prolonged hospital stay, increased mortality, pain and medical expenses increased. Zhang Zongjiu said, at present our country antibiotic management mechanism established, but there are still some problems that can not be ignored in the management of antibiotics, such as public awareness of antibiotics should be strengthened and the regional management gap, use level of basic medical staff is not high, the management system implementation is not in place, curb bacterial resistance technical support system is short board. He called on all kinds of medical institutions and medical personnel to improve the level of medication knowledge, standardized medication behavior, rational use of antibiotics in science; while strengthening the health education and medication guide patients, self correct antibiotic treatment behavior. I hope that every one of the public to learn the basic knowledge of antibiotics, to understand the dangers of abuse of antibiotics, from the start, careful use of antibiotics, maintaining the common health of people around the world. WHO representative office Shi pointed out that WHO? Encourages all Member States to actively participate in the campaign, the goal is to improve the global awareness of rational use of antibiotics, to promote the development of public policy, health care workers and take the best measures and actions to control bacterial resistance to occur and expand. It is reported that this year’s event week, the national health and Family Planning Commission, WHO will also be held at home and abroad experts in the field of antibiotics seminars, the two sides jointly shoot the rational use of antibiotics propaganda video. In addition, the national health and Family Planning Commission has organized the compilation of "Chinese management of clinical use of antibiotics and bacterial drug resistance status" and "self health protection" to please the prudent use of antibiotics, medical personnel and the public the clinical use of antibiotics Chinese, and rational use of anti science advocacy of students. The essence of the article recommended click [random heavy] the latest version of China Fudan hospitals list first, who are the 100 best hospital of the 37 best college? [heavy] continue to comprehensive, specialist which strong? 7 large areas look long by two-dimensional code, we can focus on yo health news channel dedicated to the promotion and health policy, public health, medical technology, hospital information update, the core content is the most professional, the most authoritative and most realistic and fast "news".相关的主题文章:

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