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Hilary and Trump will be the first televised debate cited outside attention – Beijing, Beijing, September 23, according to foreign media reports, the first televised debate with Hilary in United States presidential candidate Trump local time this month will be a presidential election in 2016 26, according to experts, Trump and Hilary showdown may attract hundreds of millions of U.S. people watch, breaking the record to the American election, American Football Super Cup size. Reported that the debate was held in the people’s Party candidate numbers close to the occasion, will have a significant impact on the development of the election. Radio television and cable news across the country will be broadcast live Internet also joined the fray. Hilary and Bo Pu (right) experts estimate that the number of viewers may be the first time exceeded one hundred million. The TV debate will be held in Hof, New York, 26, at the University of Stella. 9 minutes late at the local time, a one – to – one contest for the next 90 minutes. It is reported that this debate will be divided into three topics, each topic contains two sections, each section of 15 minutes. The three topics are: the direction of the United States, prosperity and security of the United states. In addition, NBC nightly news anchor Leicester • Holt will host. Hilary camp pointed out that the recent debate has been in the past for the debate of the simulation exercise, to avoid falling into the trap of the Trump type of. The preparations for the Trump camp are clearly much easier, and only in the of the iPad is the image of the past debate in the past for the reference of Mr Trump. But the campaign insists that Trump will still focus. Foreign media pointed out that Trump in the past more than the Republican debate in the field, abandon the political right to challenge the host and the questioner. But I am afraid that the general election is not the case, Trump, I am afraid that Hilary can not use the same means.相关的主题文章:

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